Clean Your Whole Oven (even between the glass panels)

I never really noticed how much attention our oven was in need of.  Each time I cleaned the kitchen, I would wipe down the stove top with my DIY all purpose cleaner and that was that.  I figured the grease that was stuck on the burners and inside the oven were pretty much permanent.  It wasn't until I started seeing all of the oven cleaning tips on Pinterest that I realized just how dirty the oven actually was.  These tips shed light on the fact that my oven needed cleaning and that I should be ashamed of myself since most of them are so easy.  I chose to clean everything at one time, so it was a little time consuming but well worth the effort!
I started off with my burners after seeing a post from  This post seemed to be too good to be true, so I only did one burner to start off with.  The results were amazing! All you need is some ammonia, a gallon sized ziplock bag, a scrubber, and about 12 hours.
Stick the burner in the ziplock bag and pour enough ammonia to come up to the bottom of the burner.  Just in case the bag leaks (which mine did) set it in a cookie sheet to soak overnight.  I actually left mine in for a full 24 hours.  The grease will wipe off with the scrubber in the sink super easily.
I was a believer.  I couldn't wait to do the rest of the burners.  Since the ammonia worked so well with the burners, I decided to try it on the stove top as well.  I poured a little ammonia onto each of the four spaces on my stove top and sealed them with plastic wrap and electrical tape.
The next step was to clean the inside of the oven.  I had actually done this a few months ago after seeing a post at   Click on the link to see her full step by step.  Since the inside of my oven wasn't that bad (since I followed these tips months ago) I followed the advice listed right on the ammonia bottle: pour some ammonia in a bowl and stick it in your oven overnight. The above prep took all of 5 minutes, and then I left my oven alone while I went to sleep. The next day, I scrubbed up the rest of my burners, and turned my attention back to the oven.  I opened the oven door and allowed the ammonia to vent for about 15 minutes (make sure to open all of your windows.)  During that time I started cleaning the oven hood using olive oil- another tip from with a few little tweaks I added.  I used a paper towel to spread a thin layer of olive oil over the entire hood.  I then used small circular motions to loosen up the grime.  Next I spread a layer of baking soda to get the rest of that greasy dust off of the hood with my paper towel.
To clean the inside of the oven as well as the stove top, I pulled out the bowl of ammonia and added a few squirts of dish washing liquid and a cup of hot water.  With a steel wool pad soaked in the solution, I scrubbed down the inside of the oven and the stove top followed by a sprinkle of baking soda.   A little more scrubbing with the solution and both the inside of the oven and the stove top were ready for a final wipe down with a paper towel and my DIY all purpose cleaner.
And for the grand finale, I cleaned in between the oven glass door! I was so excited when I saw this post from  My oven required a simple screwdriver to undo the 2 screws holding the handle to the door.  I used an ottoman to prop the door open while I unscrewed the screws.  My oven handle came off so I placed in the sink.  The door was then separated allowing me to easily clean between the 2 panes.
 I then realized the oven door vent at the top would also come off, so I threw that in sink as well to scrub up with a steel wired brush.  After putting the vent and handle back on, my door panels were screwed back in place.
After a quick wipe down, my oven looked a thousand time better! I never again have to be ashamed of the shape of my oven.
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