DIY Cleaning Kit with Homemade Cleaners

  Ahhhh.... a new year and new resolutions.  One of mine is to morph into a super organized neat freak.  What better way to start than with a cute new cleaning kit?
I was at Dollar Tree the other day when I saw all of their colorful organizing/cleaning/storage collection.  I thought to myself that I could use some new baskets.  And then I saw all of the other matching containers and scrub brushes. I picked up several items and I figured I would put together a new cleaning kit by mixing up some homemade cleaning products.
At Dollar Tree I purchased my cleaning kit caddy in the basket section.  I found my 3 scrub brushes, a pack of sponges, and my gloves in the cleaning section.  The spray bottles were found with the health and beauty products.  Finally, I found my squirt bottle and lidded shaker (both came in a 2 pack) in with the food storage.
I love Dollar Tree!  Even most of the ingredients for the homemade cleaning products can be found there.  For this particular cleaning kit, I had my bathrooms and living room mainly in mind.  I mixed up a multi-purpose cleaner, furniture spray, fabric refresher, and homemade soft scrub.

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