DIY Cleaning Kit with Homemade Cleaners

I've shared my multi-purpose cleaner on Jordan's Onion in the past.  I. Love. This. Cleaner.  It's wonderful!  It's great on stainless steel appliances, windows and mirrors, counter tops, and laminate flooring.  This cleaner contains vinegar, which is antibacterial and just excellent to clean with anyway.  It also includes rubbing alcohol, which makes the liquid dry super fast.  This is especially helpful in getting a streak free shine on those surfaces.
For this particular bottle of multi-purpose cleaner, I wanted to add a scent.  At first, I was going to add some lemon and rosemary essential oils, but then I figured, why not just add the real thing?  So I sliced up some lemon peel and snipped some rosemary from my mom's backyard.  After 2 days of sitting, the cleaner smells pretty nice and the vinegar scent is almost gone.

Multi-Purpose Cleaner

3/4 cups white vinegar 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol 1/2 cup water 5-6 drops dish soap lemon peel (optional) rosemary sprig (optional)
1. Mix all ingredients in a spray bottle.
2. Use with microfiber cloth for best results.

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