Vegetable juice is so yummy and is always a healthy option.  I first wrote this post over on another blog I used to run back when I was pregnant.  Just so there's no confusion, I'm not pregnant now, but I decided to repost this recipe as I originally wrote it.  Hope you enjoy!

High Iron Vegetable Juice

If you don't already know, I'm about to have my second baby.  There's a lot less anxiety with the pregnancy since I more or less know what to expect.  I've been having contractions for almost a month now, but we had our first real  false alarm on Tuesday night.  That would have meant our little guy was going to be 6 weeks early.  I'm glad he has decided to hang in there, and hopefully we'll have a full term baby.
This high iron vegetable juice is also high in vitamin c and fiber, plus it's super yummy
At 35 1/2 weeks pregnant, I am sure ready to be done with these symptoms.  At least for this second baby my feet and ankles haven't swollen up as thick as tree trunks like they did with my first baby.  This time around, I'm having a lot more aches and pains though.  But for sure the most annoying pregnancy symptom that I've had with both pregnancies now is craving dirt.

The Main Problem

Dirt, sand, and ice.  Do you know what it's like craving something that is non-edible?  It can drive a person insane! Well, at least the ice is edible.  But the ice craving is really just a substitute for the dirt and sand.  Since I'm not crazy, I have not given into craving dirt or sand.  But I did drive to Sonic in the middle of the night last week just to get a cup of ice (I love how their ice is so easy to crunch with my sensitive teeth.)
 These veggies make a delicious high iron vegetable juice
Before you start thinking I'm a total weirdo, this dirt craving (also known as Pica) is actually pretty common in pregnancy.  I was so relieved to hear this with my first baby.  When you crave non-edible things like dirt and sand, it could mean that you have a slight iron deficiency.  So, although I have been taking my prenatal vitamins, I figured I'm just not getting enough iron since the craving is still there.

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