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Month: October 2013

How to get Super Soft Shiny Hair

Earlier this week, I noticed that my hair could use a little TLC.  I torture my hair with my blow dryer and flat iron, and it has been forever since I have had a trim.  I usually have to pile on a lot of hair serum and shine spray to make my hair look healthy […] Read more…

DIY Burlap Wreath

Ever since I was planning my wedding, I have been in love with burlap.  Now that the wedding is over, I can start using burlap in some of my holiday decorating.  Below is a super easy way to make a beautiful Fall burlap wreath.I started my wreath by first making the bow I wanted to go […] Read more…

Home Made Laundry Detergent

I have become completely addicted to making home made cleaning products.  There are so many reasons people are attracted to the idea of making their own cleaning products- the ingredients are safe, they know what’s going in them, it’s fun (at least I think so),  and it saves money.  My favorite reason is they WORK. […] Read more…

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