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Month: March 2014

make your own brown sugar coffee scrub for baby soft skin or to gift to a friend.

Brown Sugar Coffee Scrub

I love sugar scrub.  I LOVE it!!!  And I love all different kinds of scrubs, but right now I’m really loving this Brown Sugar Coffee Scrub.  It smells wonderful and leaves my skin looking and feeling silky smooth. It even leaves my dimply skin looking smooth. Have you heard that caffeine is good for smoothing out cellulite?  […] Read more…

Lemon-Garlic Chicken

This is a guest post by Elizabeth L. on behalf of ReadySetEat. Visit to find easy recipes for dinner or pasta salad recipes for when the weather turns warmer. Only have ten minutes to spare tonight?  Then you’re in luck because this Lemon-Garlic Chicken only takes ten minutes to prepare and thirty minutes from the […] Read more…

Spring Sugar Cookies

Yeah, it’s Spring!  Which means it’s time for some Spring sugar cookies.  These cookies have been my favorite cookie design that I have ever done.  I love how fancy they look, even though they are pretty easy to decorate.  My little boy was so cute eating a Spring sugar cookie because he thought they were […] Read more…

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