Let's have a garden party!
My mom and I just stared a garden a few weeks ago and it's going great.  In fact, I'm planning on starting a new blog series to show you how my garden is growing and changing every week.  We planted herbs, tomatoes, blackberries, squash, corn, beans, peppers, and probably a few other plants I'm forgetting about. Believe it or not, summer is actually my least favorite season.  I just don't like being hot - maybe I shouldn't be living in west Texas LOL! With the garden, I've gotten to the point where I actually want to be outside (even when it's a little hot.)  I love seeing how the plants are doing.
If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have noticed that I love beautiful tablescapes.   I have a lot of Pins with moss table runners just like this one.   I actually planned on using the runner for Easter but never got around to it.  What could more perfect for a garden party tablescape though?
I already had these silky green napkins.  I bought these with Christmas in mind, but it's amazing how often I use them.
For some reason my mom has 5 sets of china.  She figured that each of us 3 kids would want to take a set when we grew up and moved away.  As you can imagine, my 2 younger brothers could care less about what set they end up with.  That means that I got to pick my favorite, which is this beautiful china pattern.  I love the colorful flowers with blue and gold accents.  My mom bought the set back when she was in the Navy and stationed in Japan.  They're older than I am and I'm looking forward to one day passing them on to one of my kids.
I picked up the adorable turnip salt and pepper shakers on clearance when our one and only Pottery Barn was going out of business.  I was super excited about the deal but almost cried when I saw that they were closing.  Pottery Barn was waaaayyyyyyyyyyy on the outskirts of town and open for less than a year.  I have a feeling most people here didn't even know we had a Pottery Barn.  Pottery Barn - if there is any way you guys are possibly reading this, please, please, PLEASE come back!!!! I'm begging you!  But at least I have these salt and pepper shakers to remember you by.
Even when you're trying to be a little bit fancy, it doesn't mean everything needs to be expensive.  I love how candles and simple glass candle holders from the dollar store can add a touch of ambiance.
Thanks for joining me for my garden party and I hope you liked this table setting.  Make sure to come back later this week for the kick off of the new garden series to see how my plants are doing!

Hi, I’m Jordan – a work at home mom with 2 super fun little boys and a rising country star hubby. I love entertaining guests and want to help you make entertaining easy!

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