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Kiss me, I'm Irish!  Let's celebrate with a fun St. Patrick's Day dinner.

Host a fun St. Patrick's day dinner party with these decorating and menu ideas

Recently my mom decided to have her DNA tested and we learned that I have quite a bit of Irish ancestry!  I have to admit, I was pretty shocked.  I've grown up thinking that I was half Norwegian from my dad's side, and the other half was made up mostly of African with a little Native American mixed in on my mom's side.   Even though my mom is dark skinned, she has a ton of Irish and other European culture in her lineage.   Now I'm curious to have my own DNA tested to see if there is anything besides Norwegian from my dad.

I just found out about my own Irish connection, but I've always loved celebrating St. Patrick's Day.   Back in college, my best friend was half Irish.  St. Patrick's day was one of those days that I liked to celebrate on a large scale.  There was an Irish pub directly across the street from my sorority house that I lived in and the whole street and parking lot would be shut down.  Dressed in all green (one year I even dyed my hair with green highlights) we would party til the wee hours with dancing, laughing and my favorite beer, Guinness.

As you can imagine, I don't celebrate the same way I did back in college now that I have kids and am basically a homebody.  Nowadays I love to throw small dinner parties and decorate with fun holiday themed accessories.

Decorate a small dessert buffet in green for a fun St. Patrick's day dinner party

Host a St. Patrick's day dinner party with these fun decorating and menu ideas

Dress up your table in gold and green for a fun St. Patrick's day dinner party

For my tablescape, I used mostly gold and pops of green.  A quick trip to Dollar Tree, and my table was set - I pickled up green glasses, green napkins, gold coins, green party hats, and decorative St. Patrick's day rocks. I already had gold chargers, but Dollar Tree sells those too.  You can see that I scattered the gold coins around the table and each place setting has a cute little green hat.  My boys had fun wearing their hats while we had dinner and dessert.

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On the St. Patrick's Day Party Menu

  • corned beef
  • sauteed brussel sprouts
  • scalloped potatoes
  • lemonade
  • cupcakes
  • pudding shooters
  • chocolate mints

Corned beef, perfect for serving at a St. Patrick's day dinner party

Sauteed brussel sprouts -perfect for serving at a St. Patrick's day dinner party

What to serve for a ST. Patrick's day dinner party

Pudding shooters and chocolate mints are a great dessert for serving at a St. Patrick's day dinner party

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It's a pretty low key but enjoyable St. Patrick's day celebration this year.  I hope eventually I'll make it out to Dallas for the St. Patrick's Day parade festival sponsored in part by Mark Cuban and the Mavericks - it looks like so much fun!

Decorating and menu ideas for a super fun St. Patrick's day dinner party

That's it for this St. Patrick's Day dinner party.  Until next time!

Dress up your table in gold and green for a fun St. Patrick's day dinner party

Dress up the kids in fun green hats for a family style St. Patrick's day dinner party

10 comments on “St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Party Ideas”

  1. Love this party! Those little green hats are darling.. You really have a knack with putting food together. Everything looks delicious! I think I’m hungry now 😉

  2. We love everything about this party! We aren’t planning anything crazy this year for St. Paddy’s, but we may need to steal this idea for next year. This dinner is very “Twinspirational” 🙂

  3. Great menu! Everything looks so delicious! That’s so cool that you found out about your Irish ancestry, I’ve always wanted to do one of those DNA kits but I think if I found out my family was anything but German my Dad might disown me lol

  4. Your menu is fabulous! I have a ton of Irish heritage. It’s so fun when you can connect the dots. This looks like a fabulous dinner and the boys had so much fun.

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