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Get ready to craft with these 3 simple projects to make with the Cricut Joy machine.

My high school bestie and I are teaming up on a new business adventure involving our love of creating recipes. She loves to bake and is always sharing with me her latest mouthwatering bread and dessert ideas. So I thought it would be nice to put together a gift to celebrate this new beginning. With my Cricut Joy machine I embellished a pot holder that says "bakers gonna bake," cut out a card, and created a personalized label to go on the card's envelope for her.

Although the Cricut Maker is in my opinion the greatest product in the history of the world, I've been using my new Cricut Joy machine a surprising amount. It is just SO CONVENIENT!!!

Should I get a Cricut Joy if I already have a Cricut Machine?

I'm hoping to share my crafting area setup with you soon. I have both my original Cricut Explore and my Circut Maker on display along with all of my Cricut EasyPresses. I am definitely a craft hoarder and have all of my papers, cardstock, rolls of vinyl and iron-on, Cricut tools and fabric neatly organized in my work station. I also have boxes of glitter, glue, rhinestones, paper clips, tape, paint brushes, pens, and markers. This crafting spot is my happy place! But, with 3 little kids running around, including a very curious baby, I don't get to spend a whole lot of time in there.

That's one of the reasons why I love the Cricut Joy so much - I can craft literally anywhere there is a plug. The Cricut Joy is super portable due to it's small size and very light weight. The materials are also easy to take anywhere. A lot of the materials are also small in size and some do not even require a mat! The Cricut Joy is perfect for beginner crafters who don't have a lot of space, and for obsessive crafters, like me, who sometimes like to sneak in craft time when they can.

But back to my friend's gift. Let me show you how I made everything!

3 Little Things You Can Make with the Cricut Joy

Up first - the pot holder. After sizing the project in Design Space (I went with a 4 inch width), hit "Make" and then be sure to turn on the mirror-on option in the mat preview section. Select the material for Smart Iron-On and select "load mat." Load the Smart Iron-On into the Cricut Joy with the shiny side down and the select "Go." The Cricut Joy will cut out the image and once it's complete, select "unload mat" on your device. Weed the design with your weeding tool.

I used my Cricut EasyPress 2 to add the Smart Iron-On to my pot holder. According to the Cricut Heat Guide, this polyester material requires a temperature of 315 degrees for 30 seconds and then a cold peel.

From start to finish, this little project took less than 10 minutes with the majority of the time dedicated to the weeding. I LOVE how it turned out!

Next is the card which is even easier! This card is actually in the ready to make Cricut Joy projects in Cricut Design Space. Search for "adventure" under the Cricut Joy projects and it will pop right up. This design is meant to be used with the Cricut Joy Insert Cards and the Cricut Joy Card Mat.

Slip the back of the card into the Mat sleeve and press the top part of the card onto the sticky surface. Cut out the design, unload the mat and pop the card insert into the card's corners. I think this card might have taken all of 2 minutes!

Awesome, right?

Finally for the personalized label on the envelope. After creating my label in Cricut Design Space by attaching my text to a label cutout, I switched out the Cricut Joy blade for a Cricut Joy pen. To make your own label, load the Smart Label Writable Vinyl into the Cricut Joy. Once the pen is done writing, do not unload the vinyl. Switch back to the blade and cut out your design.

All 3 of these little projects were done in such a small amount of time and while I was sitting comfortably in my kitchen watching my kids in the next room. Even the clean-up was easy! Stay tuned for more fun Cricut Joy projects over the summer. You can sign up for my newsletter below to have some of my favorites delivered straight to your inbox.

That's it for these 3 simple projects made with the Cricut Joy. Until next time!

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