This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #MyWayToVeg #CollectiveBias I actually don't hate going to the gym.  In fact, I used to enjoy having an hour all to myself and listening to my old high school jams.  But, since I became a second time mom I feel like my time is stretched so thin I just can't seem to get myself to the gym on a consistent basis.....okay, not at all.
I mean, I've got a ton of stuff to do, including taking care of my kids all day.  Going to the gym is not on the top of my priority list.  BUT, the hubby and I do want to be healthy and set good examples for the children.  Just because I don't go to the gym doesn't mean I can't sneak exercise and healthy eating into my family's daily routine. I've come with 5 fun ways to get my whole family active.  I think you'll enjoy them too and if you try to combine it with this fitness supplements they will do even better, read the reviews of leptitox to find the best one in the market.

5 Fun Ways to get Your Whole Family Active

1.  Spend the day at the zoo.
Most kids, I think, love going to the zoo and seeing animals.  Even the smallest of zoos usually takes a good amount of time to walk all of the way through.  Since most zoos are not laid out flat, you'll get a pretty nice workout for your legs walking up all of those hills. 2.  Play tag.
Have you ever seriously played tag with your kids?  It can get your heart pumping quite a bit!  And I'm sure there is no way you can play a round of tag with the kiddos without laughing hysterically and having a delightful time. 3.  Have family races.
Our local school district has a stadium that all of the high schools share for their games.  It's open to the public during the day and my family enjoys going to have races.  My little guy loves pretending he's in the Olympics and racing against his papa.  4.  Go bowling.
We. Love. Bowling.  My hubby and I went bowling on our first real date, and now we love taking the kids.  You probably won't break a sweat, but you sure will have fun!
5. Go to the trampoline park.
This is the ultimate fun way to get your family active.  Do you know how many calories you can burn jumping up and down for an hour?  I actually don't, but I'm sure it's a lot! As far as demonstrating healthier eating habits,  I've recently discovered how much I enjoy  MorningStar FarmsĀ® Veggie Bowls.  
I was at Walmart the other day picking up stuff for my little boys' birthday party, and saw these Chik'n Pot Pie and Italian Sausage Bake Veggie Bowls in the freezer section.
Way too often, I'll get busy and forget to eat.  Then I end up super hungry later and reach for something I shouldn't (like a cookie or whatever is close by and ready to eat.)  Since I knew I was going to run into this scenario, I wanted to make sure I had something convenient, quick, easy and a healthier option.  
As I was scrambling to get everything finished for the birthday party this past weekend before my guests arrived, I realized I was STARVING!  Instead of breaking into the birthday cupcakes, I popped the Italian Sausage Bake Veggie Bowl into the microwave and had a delicious meat free lunch in a matter of minutes. My kids pay a lot of attention to what I'm eating, so I'm really happy for them to see me eating Morning Star Veggie Bowls because they'll want some too.  The Veggie Bowls are great for all ages and are not just for vegetarians.  So, can I get a high 5 for getting my family into a healthier lifestyle?  I hope you enjoyed these fun family activities, and for more inspiration, make sure to check out these posts from some of my fellow bloggers. How are you getting your family active?

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