Hi, I'm Jordan, wife to Abe and mom to Christian and Dylan. Growing up, it was always hard for me to decide what to wear for career day at school.  There were so many things I wanted be: a dancer, an actress, a chef, an artist, a teacher.... As I got older the list just grew to include an interior designer, a visual merchandiser, a product developer, a jewelry maker, a song writer, even a paleontologist.  But even as a little girl, the thing I wanted to be more than anything was a mom. And now here I am living the dream.  I have a wonderful 6 year old little boy, a  2 year old toddler boy, and an awesome husband who also happens to be my best friend.  The reality of being a stay at home mom is now I have to be a lot of different things.  Every day I get to be a chef, a teacher, an entertainer, and sometimes a song writer( my husband is a singer/song writer and I get to help him with lyrics every once in a while.  If you like Country, check him out at Abe Mac Band.)  I also have to be a cleaning lady, a chauffeur, an organization specialist, and a bookkeeper all while staying on a pretty tight budget. I hope you enjoy my blog.  I sure enjoy writing it.