Hi, I'm Jordan, wife to Abe and mom to Christian and Dylan.  I've always loved a good party.  Growing up, my mom was (and still is) an amazing hostess.  As the pastor's wife, she was constantly handling the details of our church functions - setting up refreshments after services, running VBS and other programs, and always making sure those milestones like the birth of a baby, a wedding, or a graduation of our church members were celebrated in style.  She also LOVED to host company at our house, and I loved to help her.  Together we would whip up recipes and set a pretty table to make guests feel right at home.

When I joined my sorority (Chi Omega) I learned all about crafting and how to diy almost anything.  With a team of talented young ladies it's incredible how a plain empty room can be transformed into a magical Candy Land for a theme party in only a few hours.   I learned how to make a balloon arch, how to scrapbook, put together a beautiful gift basket, and how to plan a fantastic party as part of the social committee.

I've also been able to attend some other amazing parties.   As the niece of Keith Richards and Patti Hansen, I've been able to go back stage and party with talented musicians since the age of ten.  The food at these functions are always spectacular and have inspired a lot of the recipes you'll find here on Jordan's Easy Entertaining.  But my music connection doesn't stop there - my hubby is a full time country singer and you may have already heard him on XM radio.  If you like Country, check him out at Abe Mac Band.  Together, we host a lot of country music fans in our backyard, which was literally built for entertaining with it's outdoor living room, covered dance floor, and lounging areas.

I love hosting all kinds of functions.   Christian and Dylan are ages 7 and 3, so I like to invite other moms with young kiddos for play dates. Abe and I love having other couples over for small dinner parties. Our huge family likes to come over to our house for the holidays - Abe and I both have 2 brothers each and three of the four sister-in-laws have families here in El Paso too.  We throw large backyard barbecues, it seems like there's always a baby shower coming up, and I've assisted in planning a few weddings.  I've even made a few wedding cakes and love baking and decorating specialty sugar cookies.  I have a major sweet tooth and also run a home bakery called Desert Flours Bakery.  If you're coming to a party at our house, you can plan on a full dessert bar!

I LOVE to entertain, and over the years have learned a lot of tips and tricks to help take the stress away and make entertaining easy.  I want you to be able to ENJOY hosting your own party with go to recipes, diy project, and party tips, tricks, and plans.