You're going to love these Marvel superhero party food ideas for your Avengers: Endgame family movie night!

Avengers superhero party food ideas for a family movie night

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My little boy and I made a pact to watch (or re-watch) all of the Marvel Comic Universe movies this summer.  Well, except for Guardians of the Galaxy.  I LOVE those movies, but I feel the language is a little too much for my son.  Anyways, we've been having a great time spending our family movie nights watching our favorite superheros fight off bad guys.  

This week was special though because Avengers: Endgame was just released for digital purchase.  As soon as he got done with school, we had a little mini watch party with lots of fun superhero party foods. 

  Avenger Endgame movie party snacks

My little guy would have been perfectly happy with just a bowl of popcorn, like we do with our regular family movie nights.   But I like to be a little extra sometimes, so I wanted to make some Avengers themed party foods.  Plus, it's over a 3 hour movie, so having more snacks mores sense. 

I was about to start making my standard dessert buffet treats: a cake, cupcakes, decorated sugar cookies, and chocolate dipped pretzels.  But then I decided to just keep our superhero party foods easy and simple instead.

Just because something is easy and simple doesn't make it plain and boring though.  I pulled out my galvanized cake stands and decided to make some food labels. I found these Avengers playing cards at Dollar Tree and thought they would be perfect to cut out the characters to use on labels for the superhero party foods.

Avengers playing cards to make super hero party food labels

I made little tent cards for the labels with my Cricut Maker.  It would have been just as easy to cut out a large rectangle and two smaller rectangles for the cards, but I don't especially like my hand writing.  So I had the Cricut Maker cut and write each card.  Then I glued them together with a glue stick  and attached the Avengers cutouts with a hot glue gun. 

making food tents to label foods for family movie night

Like I mentioned earlier, my little boy would have been fine with just popcorn.  But when he walked in and saw our movie snacks setup, he was really excited and told me how amazing it all looked.  

Avengers Superhero Party Food Ideas

Ant Man is my favorite Avenger.  He's awesome, plus I've been a Paul Rudd fan ever since Clueless. Aren't these ants on a log perfect to represent him? And even though I have a major tooth, I'm trying to take my friend's advice, Brianna from Parties with a Cause, to have at least some healthier snack choices.  

Ants on a log to represent Ant Man at an Avengers family movie night

I love eating salty pretzels during movies and thought these pretzel sticks would make great "Groot roots."

pretzel sticks and a label that reads Groot Roots for family movie night

Utilizing larger pretzel rods and and some chocolate twinkies make up these tasty "Thor's Hammers."

pretzel rods and chocolate cakes make these Thor's Hammers superhero party food

I used Hot Tamales candy, but any cinnamon spicy candy would work great for "Scarlet Witch fireballs."

Scarlet Witch fireballs as superhero party food for family movie night

I love these fruit roll ups as "Doctor Strange Cloaks." 

fruit roll ups on a cake plate and a food label that says Doctor Strange cloaks

And these ring pops make the perfect Infinity Stones.  

ring pops on a cake stand to make Infinity Stones for an Avengers family movie night

Besides the playing cards, I also picked up some Avengers party plates and a sticker book.  One of the nice things about using Avengers stickers is to decorate cups so that you can easily tell who's drink is who's.  The little guy's current favorite Avenger is Iron Man, so that's his cup.  My cup had Black Widow and my dad, who also joined in on our mini Avengers party, had Black Panther on his cup.

a dink cup with an Iron Man sticker

We had a great time at our Avengers Endgame family movie night.  We love the movie and the party food was so much fun. 

watching Avengers Endgame for family movie night with tasty superhero party foods 

Family movie nights are my favorite even when we don't make it into a little party.  In fact, we love watching all kinds of different programs as a family.  Over on The London Mother there's a great list of The Best Family Series On Netflix you'll definitely want to check out.

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I hope you enjoyed these ideas for your own Avengers party or if you are having a family movie night. And if you are,  grab a digital copy of Avengers: Endgame here.  We're a little bit obsessed, so be on the lookout for lots more Marvel superhero party ideas.  I'm pretty sure we'll be partying with Spider-man next.

Avengers family movie night superhero party food ideas 

That's it for these Avengers superhero party food ideas. Until next time!

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Avengers superhero party food ideas for a family movie night

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