The other day, I saw my camera sitting on the table and realized that I hadn't taken any photos of my baby in a while.  So I grabbed my camera, my baby, and just started taking a bunch of pictures.  They turned out so cute, I just had to share them with you.
I think he does know how loved he is.
He wakes up with that smile every single morning!  And if you look closely, you can see his first tooth 🙂
Once those living room pictures where done, I couldn't resist these photos after I noticed the galvanized tub in the kitchen.  I grabbed little guy no. 1's cowboy hat and boots to go along with the theme.
He LOVES taking baths by the way... at least the splashing part.  In fact, he just graduated to the big boy bath tub, because otherwise he'll splash all of the water out with his hands and feet.
He just turned 8 months old and is absolutely delightful.  My other little boy was out visiting with family while I was taking these, but I'll make sure to post some of him soon too.
Have a blessed day!

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