.Yesterday, the hubby and I went to start our baby registry.  Since I did everything online with my first baby's registry, I had no idea how much fun actually going to the store to pick everything out would be.  I spent an hour and half with that registry gun running all over the store.  Abe, of course, fell asleep in one of the nursing chairs after about 45 minutes of me debating what kind of baby gate we should get. I have definitely got babies on the brain.   When I went into Dollar Tree and saw some amazing baby items that I knew I wouldn't mind receiving as baby shower gifts, I decided I had to put something together for a post. I was able to get everything for this shower gift for less than $10. Everything! It could've been even lesser with the Latest coupons online.
This gift basket idea started when I found the Munchkin cleaning products.  I was shocked to see Munchkin at Dollar Tree and scooped some up.  I love the surface cleaner so much, that I had to go get another bottle for this post because my first bottle is close to empty.  I still have not tried the bottle wash or the Laundry spray, but they both smell really nice 🙂
Then I came across the book, You: Having a Baby.  I flipped through it and figured it would be a nice addition to the gift basket.  Another nice surprise!  Once I got home and actually looked at the book, I realized You: Having a Baby is co-written by Dr. Oz.  Not only does it have great pregnancy advice but also includes everything you could possible wonder about bringing baby home in that first month.  It's almost 500 pages, has a hard cover, and includes a pull out 40 week pregnancy calendar.
Also included as a present in the gift basket is a Dollar Tree bath time kneeling pad.  Who doesn't need one of those when trying to bathe babies/kids in the bath tub.
For gift presentation, I used a small plastic tub, a bag of decorative shred, and a roll of baby themed ribbon.
  I put the gift basket together by first adding the decorative shred.  I arranged the items so that everything was clearly visible and the weight was evenly distributed.  Then it was time for some cellophane and the ribbon.  The cellophane is the only thing I didn't purchase from Dollar Tree.  That was only because I have a ridiculous amount of cellophane though, Dollar Tree actually sells that too.
Isn't this ribbon crazy cute?  I love how the bow turned out.
So, as someone who is getting ready to have a baby, I think this is a pretty nice shower gift.  Dollar Tree, I love you!
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  1. Such a lovely gifts. I have a month ago from Ginger Kids during the birthday of my niece. I bought some bibs, baby thermometer and baby backseat mirror. Check it out!

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