. Howdy Y'all!  I'm so excited today because I am participating in a Summer Outdoor Living blog hop.

You may have seen some glimpses of my backyard in some of my recent posts like my Patriotic Red, White, and Blue party or my Sweet and Spicy Baby Back Ribs.  I love my backyard, and when I was planning my post for this blog hop, I had fully intended on showing you all of my backyard-y goodness. For those asking, if you want to turn your dull backyard into something beautiful, these bollard lights will give you the aesthetic vibes.

Here's a peek into our outdoor living room.

But....it's been storming here recently and I haven't been able to get pictures of all of the different sections.  So, MY backyard tour will have to wait until sometime in the future. Don't worry though!  Instead I'm sharing with you some picture of my mom's beautiful backyard garden. She only lives 15 minutes away from me, and we hang out as often as we possibly can. If you prefer indoor plants, you can check out this website.

I've been super hands on with her garden (fortunately she's been hands too because I can't keep plants alive by myself for some reason LOL.) I utilize a cordless hedge trimmer to maintain the hedges and shrubs because of it's efficiency.

My little boys also love going to the house for a dip in the pool. Thge thing with pools is that you have to be extra careful when designing them, because it can cost more after finished than building it.  Accidents are unpredictable by nature. It’s impossible to make any activity completely hazard-free, but there are several things parents and caregivers can do to make their pools safer for kids and adults alike. Not only can kids injure themselves by falling on the pavement, according to local slip and fall accident lawyer firms they can also slip and fall into the pool, resulting in a very serious drowning risk, especially in cases where the injured victim suffers a head injury, or in situations where the injury victim is not an experienced swimmer.


The fence that you can see in the back was originally supposed to be a dog run.  But our family dog, Bo, now lives over at my house, so the fenced area has turned into a garden.   My mom had several large planter boxes built.  In them are a variety herbs and vegetables. I use the best .155 trimmer line to maintain my garden just how I like it.  I pop over at least twice a week and it's amazing how much the corn can grow from week to week.

It's like my own farmer's market in my mom's garden.

This lavender smells Ah-Mazing!

I also have a pomegranate tree in my backyard, so we'll have lots to share this Fall. To allow more room for gardens, services like tree crown reduction can be quite an essential.

One day after shopping at the actual grocery store, I decided to stop by my mom's for some herbs.  I thought that my mom had parsley in one of the boxes, but when I went to pick some, it turned out they were carrots!  So, I didn't put any parsley into dinner that night but these little carrots sure were delicious.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this look into my mom's backyard garden.  I just heard on the news that we'll be having even more rain coming up, so hopefully my own backyard tour won't be too far into the future. If you have own garden and you want to ensure that it is not infested with pests, then hiring a pest control company like True Pest Control is definitely crucial.

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30 comments on “Backyard Garden Tour and Blog Hop”

  1. Your mom’s yard is lovely and your outdoor living room looks gorgeous. Hope the weather clears up soon and you can take us on a tour of that! πŸ˜‰

  2. Isn’t it awesome to live close to family, and even better if you can raid their garden. All the veggies look so good. I don’t grow any veggies, but I love my herbs. So delish to cook with. I am going to have to check out some of your other posts. I am spying some drool worthy food pics!

  3. Way to go Mom, its so nice to have fresh veggies to raid and enjoy. This whole yard looks wholesome and relaxing, its says family enjoys it here.

    I have never smelled fresh lavender or seen a pomegranate tree, I can only imagine how wonderful the fresh lavender is.

    I enjoyed reading your post and getting a glimpse of your Moms yard and your outdoor livingroom, but the story of family was my favorite part.

  4. Very pretty! I am growing lavender for the 1st time this year in pots up against the garage. I am shocked they are still alive, I only water them two maybe 3 times a week. Those carrots you showed us look great. I have been wanting to plant some this year but think it might be too late.

    • LOL, I know what you mean Christine. I can’t have a garden of my own because I would totally forget to water regularly.

  5. Your mom’s yard is gorgeous! I really need to plant a garden next year, whenever I say that I get eye rolls from my hubby, lol!

  6. Jordan, Your backyard is absolutely beautiful!!! I am coveting your outdoor fireplace! I’m sure summer evenings at your house are so much fun & all your flowers are beautiful. My daughter planted carrots for the first time in her little container garden this year. So fun!! & fun to do this blog hop with you!

  7. Jordan you are lucky to live so close to your mom and benefit from the bounty of her garden πŸ™‚ I love picking vegetables but we have crazy lighting issues in our yard so getting a good haul of anything other than tomatoes and green beans is difficult, especially when the deer decide they want to nibble πŸ™‚

    I wait to see your back yard garden once the weather clears up.

    • I’m super lucky, my mom is the best πŸ™‚ Tomatoes and green beans sound delicious though and my boys would go nuts if they could see deer up close.

  8. How lucky to have 2 beautiful outdoor spaces to share! Where do you live? I am wondering because of the pomegranate tree! And that garden! Thanks for the glimpse. can’t wait for the full tour!

    • Thanks Sue πŸ™‚ We live in El Paso. Some years it gets too hot during the summer and the pomegranates burst open before they are ripe. Keeping my fingers crossed it doesn’t happen this year!

  9. Hi Jordan!
    Your mom’s garden is really pretty! I know your kids must have had fun seeing and eating! I was thinking and I’m pretty sure you already know this, but… just in case, the beautiful oleander in the photo towards the top {we called them “freeway flowers” because in many parts of California you’ll see them growing in the center separating the north and southbound sides. :)}, well, oleander in all its parts is HIGHLY poisonous. If your kids pick the flowers up or even step on them {or your dogs, cats}, you want to wash their hands/feet. πŸ™‚

    A kitchen garden is sooo nice to have! One of the things I need to make this winter again. I did put in some tomatoes in a large planter but I need to grow some other goodies. Well, enjoy all those wonderful veggies! And, it was nice being on the blog hop with you!

    Have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing your garden tour when the rain lets up,
    Barb πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Barbara. My parents have always had Oleanders, so we know the dangers. Fortunately my boys have zero interest in flowers LOL. It’s been nice being in the blog hop with you too!

  10. How wonderful to have fresh, homegrown veggies and herbs at your fingertips! And even better that you get to live so close to your mom!

  11. Jordan, your mom has a fantastic garden and how fabulous for you that it’s so near by and handy! My mom also had a pomegranate tree! I loved eating them! There is nothing more yummy than fresh veggies! Thanks for sharing this!

  12. Sorry that the weather stopped you from sharing your back yard! Your mum’s yard is beautiful though!!! How cool is it to be able to walk out the back and grab fresh veggies to serve up for dinner that night!

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