I literally have probably used Huggies* Wipes in 101 different ways.  They are definitely not just for my sweet baby boy.  My whole family uses Huggies* Wipes.

We love to go fishing even though none of us ever catch anything.  But, like most places where people go to fish, our favorite place doesn't have any place to wash up during or after our trips.  That's when Huggies* Wipes comes to the rescue!

This bucket was filled with our bait - stinky shrimp and scallops.  Not only did I use Huggies* Wipes to clean up Christian's hands, along with mine and the Hubster's, but also to wipe out the bucket before returning it to our car.

Of course I use Huggies* Wipes in everyday family life and not just for fishing.  Some of the other uses I have found include:

  • wiping up chocolate covered faces
  • removing makeup
  • cleaning our leather sofa
  • wiping off shopping cart handles
  • cleaning the bottom of my purse
  • wiping off tables at fast food restaurants
  • cooling off on a hot day

My baby just turned 8 months old and we have put quite a dent in the massive supply of baby wipes I received from my baby shower.  Fortunately for me, the majority of the wipes were Huggies* Wipes.
I. Love. These. Wipes.

Huggies® Wipes are best because of their TripleClean™ technology that no other wipe can tout.   And as you can see, that means they are great for so much more than wiping up little bottoms.  Check out this 101 Uses of Huggies* Wipes at Walmart Video to learn more!

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