I love Buffalo flavored anything.  For the longest time, I did not like spicy food, and then all of a sudden a few years ago, I couldn't get enough.  Since, we are trying to eat healthier at my house, I was thinking of ways of how I can still get my Buffalo fix.  That's when I came up with this Buffalo Shrimp salad.

One of the best things about writing food posts like this, is that I get to eat as soon as I'm done photographing.  In fact, I'm eating this Buffalo Shrimp Salad right now as I write this post.  It's wonderful by the way.  And it definitely takes care of my Buffalo flavor craving.

In addition to the Buffalo shrimp, this salad also has crunchy red onion, creamy avocado, cooling cucumber, and zesty blue cheese, all on top of a bed of iceberg lettuce.  I finished my salad off with blue cheese dressing.  Maybe Buffalo Shrimp Salad this way isn't super healthy, but it's certainly better than chowing down on a whole order of wings.  

Buffalo Shrimp Salad (per serving)

5-10 shrimp
Buffalo Sauce
Cucumber chopped
Red onion chopped
Blue Cheese crumbles
Avocado diced

1.  Prepare the shrimp:  Bring about 2 cups water to boil in a pot along with 1/4 cup Buffalo sauce.
2.  Add shrimp and allow to cook 5-8 minutes.
3.  Remove shrimp from water and allow to cool.
4.  Toss cooled shrimp in a bowl with about 1/4 cup Buffalo sauce.
5.  Arrange  lettuce, cucumber, red onion, blue cheese, avocado, and prepared shrimp on serving dish.
6.  Top with either Ranch or Blue Cheese dressing.  Enjoy!

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