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Bountiful Baskets

Vanilla Ice Cream

 Last year while I was waiting in the Doctor’s office, I was browsing through an old Bon Appetit magazine.  I saw a recipe for ice cream that looked so simple,  I had to go home and try it. I modified the recipe A LOT, but it turned out great.  I’ve been making homemade ice cream […] Read more…

Roasted Vegetables

 I’m so proud.  The hubby and I did not purchase even one fast food meal this week.  In fact, we’ve been eating really healthy – lots of lean chicken, fish, fruits, and vegetables.  Even the little man has been eating well.  If only I could I get him to eat more healthy stuff, like these […] Read more…

Minestrone Soup

I love soup.  It doesn’t matter that it’s 100 degrees outside this time of year, I am always down for a delicious bowl of soup.  One of the reasons I like making homemade soup so much is because it’s a great way to use up my veggies.  I still had a lot of vegetables left […] Read more…

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