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Citrus Enzyme Cleaner

This post contains affiliate links Thanks to Netflix, I have gotten hooked on documentaries that focus on health.  I think being green is important, but it’s hard, especially when you are on a budget.  Thankfully, I have discovered that I can ease into a “greener” lifestyle and save a ton of money by making my […] Read more…

Laundry Sauce

I love making my own cleaning supplies.  One of my favorite homemade cleaning solutions has been homemade laundry detergent.  For months I have been making laundry detergent out of Fels Naptha bar soap, Borax, Washing Soda, and water.  I worked out the math for the recipe I was using – $1.88 for 3 gallons/128 loads of Laundry […] Read more…

How to Clean a Car Seat

This post may contain affiliate linksPlease tell me I am not the only parent who could not figure out how to get a car seat really clean.  There were a few times when I had tried to get my little guy’s car seat cover off to wash, and just got super frustrated because it seemed […] Read more…

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