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The Best Guacamole Ever

Are you ready to try the best guacamole you’ve ever had? I live in a border town (as in Mexico is on the other side of the freeway) and you can get really good guacamole pretty much every where you turn.  Even with the abundance of amazing guacamole to choose from around here, this guacamole […] Read more…

Buffalo Chicken Triangles

My hubby is right there with me when it comes to loving all things buffalo flavored.  Although we both love wings, I have been having fun over the last few months coming up with new ways to get our buffalo kick.  These Buffalo Chicken Triangles were so yummy and gone in minutes!These little Buffalo Chicken Triangles […] Read more…

Buffalo Chicken Sliders

For months, I have pinning recipes that call for a crock pot.  There are so many that look delicious and using a crock pot seems like such an easy thing to do.  I grew up with a crock pot in my house, but I only remember it being used once for my 17th birthday party.  […] Read more…

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