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Triple Berry Tequila Limeade

 My hubby just discovered how much he loves El Afan tequila.   I’m not a big tequila fan, but he convinced me to try some, and it really is good.  The tequila is nice and smooth and doesn’t make my throat feel like it’s on fire after drinking.  El Afan has also been kind enough to be […] Read more…

Lemon Berry Iced Tea

When I was in college, my best friend and I went to Sonic almost everyday during happy hour.  Some times twice a day.  They do have wonderful drink combinations 🙂  Anyway, my mom and I have been making pretty frequent trips lately as well.  The drink combination of choice has been their Lemon Berry Iced […] Read more…

Banana Berry Protein Shake

I don’t know why I do it, but almost every single day I end up making myself feel sick.  I wake up, don’t eat breakfast, and then consume 3 to 4 cups of coffee.  I don’t usually eat anything until late afternoon.  It’s a terrible habit.  Not eating, but drinking that much coffee makes me […] Read more…

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