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Sunset Salad with Black Rice

My brothers and I used to chuckle whenever we would be sitting around the table enjoying a salad, and my mom would say “it’s like we’re eating sunshine.” She’s right though. It’s amazing how sunshine causes produce to grow, and then we get to enjoy eating them.  I love this Sunset Salad with Black Rice […] Read more…

Eat healthy: pre-made salad

It makes no sense to me why I have such poor eating habits.  Even though I a) enjoy eating healthy foods, b) love to cook, and c) know those 20 pounds aren’t going to lose themselves, I still end up reaching for a cookie when I feel hungry.  A lot of this has to do […] Read more…

Chinese Chicken

I think that I could be perfectly happy eating chicken every night for dinner.  I love it.  But I also like variety, so I try to keep as many different ways to fix chicken as I can in my recipe box.  This Chinese Chicken is one of my no fail ways.  I’m not sure how authentically “Chinese” […] Read more…

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