I love Cherry Limeade.  If you have read my Lemon Berry Iced Tea post, you know that my mom, my hubby, and I just cannot stay away from Sonic.  We all love the limeades.  Now that the weather is nicer, I thought, why not turn one of our favorites into even more of a treat? These Cherry Limeade Floats are just the thing.

I was reminiscing about being little and how special it was when my mom would make us root beer floats.  I then realized, my little guy has never experienced anything like that.  So, I was planning on making root beer floats for the family, when my hubby and I made one of our many stops at Sonic.  After he had ordered a limeade,  I changed my mind about the root beer floats and decided to make cherry limeade floats instead.

None of us have ever had a cherry limeade float before.  I wasn't sure whether I should use vanilla ice cream or lime sherbet, so I tried it with both.  Turns out, both options are really good.

Cherry Limeade Floats

Vanilla Ice Cream or Lime Sherbet
Cherry flavored Lemon-Lime Soda (Sprite, 7 Up, or Sierra Mist)

1.  Scoop either vanilla ice cream or lime sherbet into serving dish.
2.  Top with soda
3.  Finish off with a cherry on top.

You will probably need both a straw and a spoon to enjoy your Cherry Limeade Float.

Delicious!  And it's nice that something so easy and simple can be so special.  We're all hooked. 

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