Two words- coffee soda. When I was shopping at World Market one day and walked by their gourmet sodas, I could not pass up the chance to try coffee soda.  It was just to unique too pass up.

So what did I do with my coffee soda?  Something totally ordinary but wonderful.  I made a coffee soda float.  Who doesn't love an ice cream float?  I know I sure do, so I was sure this combination would work.  I just didn't realize how good the float would end up.

This float tastes just like a frappuccino, only better.  The vanilla ice cream gives it the perfect amount of sweetness.  The coffee soda gives it the coffee flavor (duh) with just a little bit of carbonation.  This float is so delicious that I might not ever go to Starbucks again.  And with only 2 ingredients - coffee soda and vanilla ice cream, it can be made in no time and at a fraction of the cost of a frappuccino.

Coffee Soda Float

Coffee Soda
Vanilla Ice Cream ( I used Breyer's)

1.  Scoop desired amount of ice cream into a glass.
2.  Top with desired amount of Coffee Soda.
3.  Sit back and enjoy

Alright, so saying that I'm never going to back to Starbucks is a little ridiculous.  I probably just won't be ordering Frappuccinos anymore 🙂

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