Explore the globe with this fun Countries of the World Game for kids!

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kids playing a countries around the world game

It's around the world week at our virtual summer camp series!  For this week of our virtual summer camp program, Bri is focusing more on cultures around the world, while I'm focusing on geography.

How to Play the Countries of the World Game

My little boys love competing against each other and they have so much trying to see who can find the most countries in a given amount of time.  We have an awesome interactive globe that has this countries of the world game built in.   

To play, the interactive globe sets a timer, then calls out countries.  There is a space shuttle shaped digital pointer that allows the kids to touch the country that has just been called.  Every country that the player can find after being called counts as a point.  The player with the most points after 3 rounds wins the game!

I love that my kids enjoy playing this game because they are learning so much.  My 9 year old can find almost all of the countries, and my 5 year old is getting really good too.  Not only is this game included with the interactive globe, but it also has tons of information about all of the countries, the earth, and even the solar system.   You can purchase this exact interactive globe here.

You can still play the game with a regular globe though!  Make a list of countries that the kids can look for.  Set a time, and have them point to the countries as you call out the names.  Keep score and announce the winner after everyone gets 3 turns.

Over on Parties With A Cause, Bri shared Japan Fun for Kids.  My parents actually met in Japan and I grew up with lots of Japanese influence in our home decor and cuisine. 

Although we will be sharing fun projects, activities, and recipes for kids on our blogs, we've also started a Facebook Group for parents to share ways they are keeping kids happy this summer.  I hope you will join us!

Virtual Summer Camp at Home Weekly Schedule

    • Week 1: Dinosaurs
    • Week 2: Space
    • Week 3: Nature
    • Week 4: Around the World
    • Week 5: Science
    • Week 6: Under the Sea

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That's it for this countries around the game for kids.  Until next time!

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playing a countries around the game with an interactive globe

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