Looking for some of the best Halloween party ideas?  You'll love this creepy Halloween monster werewolf cupcakes tutorial!

these little chocolate buttercream werewolves make such creepy Halloween cupcakes

Welcome to day 3 of the 13 days of Halloween party ideas!  Today Brianna from Parties with a Cause and I are sharing some creepy Halloween cupcakes with you.  Aren't these werewolf cupcakes perfect for your Halloween dessert table?  And guess what?  They are super easy to make!

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We're making both werewolf faces and werewolf paws.  These are 2 really easy Halloween cupcakes ideas. The werewolf paw cupcakes are SUPER easy and one can be made in about 20 seconds.   They're perfect for if you want mini Halloween cupcakes. 

a werewolf paw cupcake perfect as a Halloween dessert for kids

Creepy Halloween Monster Werewolf Cupcakes Supplies

  • pastry bag
  • grass piping tip
  • mini marshmallows
  • black food coloring
  • brown food coloring
  • red and brown candy coated chocolate candies (aka M&Ms)
  • red sugar (buy it ready or just add a drop of red food coloring to regular sugar)
  • clean food safe paint brush
  • clean scissors
  • sandwich bag
  • cupcakes in regular size and mini
  • vanilla buttercream 
  • chocolate buttercream

You'll notice that I listed both a vanilla buttercream and a chocolate buttercream.  You only need a teeny tiny amount of vanilla.  If you are making the buttercream yourself, scoop out a little (maybe 2 tablespoons) of your frosting into a sandwich bag, and then add coco powder to your batch to turn it into chocolate buttercream.

I'll be sharing an easy chocolate buttercream recipe with you soon.  However, if you are in a hurry, just use some store bought frosting and mix in a little powdered sugar to make it thicker for piping. 

Is there anything than better than a chocolate frosted cupcake?  Yes, because these werewolf cupcakes also have chocolate candies on them as decorations!

Mmmmmm....chocolate! Total tangent - did you watch the History Channel special on the Food that Built America?  It was so interesting learning about how the huge chocolate companies we all know and love were so important to shaping our country!  If you get a chance to watch that series you definitely should! .....okay tangent over and now back to werewolf cupcakes.

werewolf cupcakes on a spiderweb cake stand

How to make Werewolf Cupcakes 

This is what the grass piping tip that you need for these werewolf cupcakes looks like.  I got mine on Amazon in a huge set of Russian piping tips, but I've seen similar ones at all of the big craft stores and also at Walmart.  

Place the tip into your piping bag.  Then take your black and brown food coloring and add a drop of each down the side of the bag.  Use your clean food safe painting brush to drag the color up the sides of the bag.  The piping tip is going to make your chocolate buttercream come out looking like fur anyway, but adding the food coloring is going to give it more dimension. 

Let's start off with making the werewolf faces.  Take your regular sized cupcake, and about half an inch up from the bottom edge of your cupcake, start piping the fur.  Use firm pressure to start, and then loosen up the pressure as you pull the tip away. Work your way up to the top edge of your cupcake so the "fur" looks layered.

Now take one of the mini marshmallow and put in the center to build up the werewolf nose.  Pipe some fur right over the marshmallow.  Next, use your piping tip to at a 90 degree angle to pipe 2 ears.  Then take your clean scissors and cute a mini marshmallow in half on the diagonal.  Dip the sticky part of both marshmallow halves in the red sugar and stick them to the cupcake nuzzling them into the frosting ears.

Place a red chocolate candy flat under nose for the tongue.  Then place 2 red chocolate candies sideways for the eyes.  Then one brown chocolate candy for the tip of the nose.


Now your werewolf cupcake needs some teeth!  Use the vanilla buttercream in the sandwich bag to add teeth by starting with firm pressure and releasing as you pull away.  

Amazing the difference the teeth make, right?

Now for the werewolf paw mini cupcakes.  They start off the exact same way as the werewolf faces.  Then just stick 4 brown chocolate candies sideways to make the claws.  Does it get any easier for decorating creepy Halloween cupcakes?

 More Creepy Halloween Cupcakes

If you are looking for more creepy Halloween cupcakes decorating ideas, then you're in luck!  That is today's theme for the 13 days of Halloween party ideas.  Check out these Brainy Mad Science Party Cupcakes from Brianna over at Parties With A Cause.  Can you get much creepier than that when it comes to Halloween cupcakes?  I don't think so!!!  Head over to see Brianna's full tutorial.

creepy Halloween cupcakes for a mad science party

13 Days of Halloween Party Ideas

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That's it for this Creepy Halloween Monster Werewolf Cupcakes tutorial!  Make sure to come tomorrow for more of the series!

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these little chocolate buttercream werewolves make such creepy Halloween cupcakes

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