We are a good week and half into December and I have yet to do any Christmas decorating. I have always been eager to bust out my Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving, but I believe this week and half long delay is going to be repeated year after year. The reason? MY LITTLE BOY'S BIRTHDAY!!! What better reason to put off Christmas celebration than a birthday party? My little guy, Christian, just turned 3 and this was his first real birthday party.  He's in a dinosaur phase (which I hope lasts a long time because I love them too) so we decided to go with that theme.
My main decoration consisted of turning our large bookcase into a prehistoric mural.  I covered the bookcase with 2 layers of plastic blue table clothes.  I then scrunched up and duck taped a brown plastic table clothe for the volcano.  I used red and yellow streamers to make the lava.  I then cut out clouds from white poster board.  All of these supplies I purchased at Dollar Tree.  I then used our own plants in front of the mural.  Christian decided he wanted to pose in his dinosaur costume from Halloween.
We were lucky enough to be able to borrow this Pterodactyl from a Thanksgiving parade my Dad had worked on.  We hung him from a fan right above the art tables.
As a party game, I used 2 foam poster boards purchased from Dollar Tree to make a dinosaur head based on one I saw on Pinterest.  We cut out the mouth so the kids could have a ball toss.  They ended up having fun pretending to feed the dinosaur punch balloons.
I set up 2 art tables.  One had coloring pages from a dinosaur coloring book placed around one table along with some crayons.  At the other table, I had wooden dinosaur cutouts the children could draw on with markers.  Each table had centerpieces of dinosaurs.  Again all of these supplies were found at Dollar Tree( gosh, I love that store!)
Of course, any kid's party would a blast with just 1 thing- a jumping balloon.  It was cold, but fortunately not so cold we couldn't bundle the kids up to play outside.  Christian and his party guests has so much fun jumping out there.
Playing party host, I got lost in the moment and completely forgot to take pictures of any of the food.  But we did have chicken nuggets in the shape of dinosaurs and I hollowed out a melon and placed a toy dinosaur inside to look like a hatching egg.
We all had so much fun.  I had wanted to include some other dinosaur ideas, but just didn't get around to them.  If you are planning on having a dinosaur party, make sure to check out my Dinosaur Party board on Pinterest for more ideas.
And now that the Birthday Party is over, on to Christmas decorating!
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