This fun and easy clear slime recipe makes the best "dinosaur drool" for your kid's play time!

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Hello, and welcome to at home summer camp!  If you just wrapped up your first (and unexpected) adventure in homeschooling, it's time to switch gears for the summer.  Bri from Parties With A Cause and I are starting a new weekly series on our blogs for the summer to help you give your kids fun activities and snacks for a summer camp at home.    

Each week, we'll both be sharing 3 posts based on the week's theme.  We're starting things off with Dinosaur Week!

Did you know I have another blog called 65 Million Years that is devoted entirely to "enriching kids who love dinosaurs."  My little 5 year old is determined to be a paleontologist one day, so our house is filled with dinosaurs everywhere. 

What does a clear slime recipe have to do with dinosaurs?   It makes great "dinosaur drool" for play time!  

To make clear slime, you only need 2 ingredients: clear glue and Elmer's Magical Liquid.  Mix 4 to 6 ounces of clear glue and 1/4 cup of Elmer’s Magical Liquid in a bowl and stir.  It will be really sticky at first and then will morph into slime texcture.

I actually shared this dino drool clear slime recipe over on 65 Million Years last year.  Head on over if you'd like to see more details, like safety facts and how to clean up slime when the kids are done playing. 

Dino Drool Clear Slime Recipe on YouTube

Here is a quick video my kids and I made for our 65 Million Years YouTube channel demonstrating how easy it is to make this clear slime.

My kids love making slime.

Over on Parties With A Cause, Bri is sharing how to make these DIY Dinosaur Fossils.

Bri and I both have more dinosaur fun coming up this week, and here is the rest of your summer camp series schedule:

Summer Camp at Home Weekly Schedule

  • Week 1: Dinosaurs
  • Week 2: Space
  • Week 3: Nature
  • Week 4: Around the World
  • Week 5: Science
  • Week 6: Under the Sea

Although we will be sharing fun projects, activities, and recipes for kids on our blogs, we've also started a Facebook Group for parents to share ways they are keeping kids happy this summer.  I hope you will join us!

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That's it for this dinosaur drool clear slime recipe.  Until next time!

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