It's my birthday today 🙂  I don't see how this is possible, since my last birthday feels like it was only a few weeks ago.  To celebrate, I get to indulge in a whole lot of eating.  I'm about to head off to lunch with my mom, then it's dinner with my hubby, and finally dessert with the in-laws.  As for on the blog, what better way to celebrate than with a party post?  No, I didn't have a Disney Princess party this past weekend, but my nieces did.

My 2 little nieces are 6 and 8 and do not celebrate birthdays.  Although we always try to do fun things with them ( and since I do not have a little girl of my own, yet) I have been itching to do a party like this for them for what seems like for-ev-er.  They are getting ready to move away (sad face) so we wanted to do a really special going away party for them.

At least some part of everything I'm about to show you came from Dollar Tree.  That's right, Dollar Tree!  I love that store so much.  When I saw all of this great Disney Princess party stuff, I knew what we were going to be doing for this party.

 In the above picture, I got these really cute treat boxes from Dollar Tree.  They came in packs of 4 and I filled them with 1 bag of popcorn, also from Dollar Tree.  The popcorn bag filled 5 of the treat boxes to the top.  I also got the pretzel sticks from Dollar Tree.  I then dipped them in melted Wilton candy wafers, which I got on sale at Michael's as well as the pretzel treat bags.

My Dollar Tree items in this picture are the cupcake stand, cupcake wrappers which also came with the cupcake toppers, and the cotton candy.  There were 18 cupcake wrappers and toppers in one package.  I divided one bag of the cotton candy into 7 smaller balls (which only slightly helped with the managing the kids sugar high!)

In this picture, only the straws came from Dollar Tree, and I already owned all of the glassware.  There were 36 straws in the pack.  I used koolaid and homemade lemonade to make the beverages.

In addition to what is shown, we also picked up matching Disney Princess paper placemats (there were 12 in a pack), pink streamers, and pink plastic utensils from Dollar Tree.  Everyone had a great time at the party and it hardly put a dent in the wallet 🙂 

Maybe next year, I'll have a Disney Princess party for my birthday!

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