If you enjoy making DIY Halloween crafts, then you are going to love this Halloween cookie and gift box tutorial.

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I'm all about handmade gifts, even at Halloween.  I've always loved crafting, but since I got my Cricut Maker last year, making projects is a breeze and I can make pretty much anything that I can dream up.  My cookies and gift box turned out exactly how I imagined them thanks to being able to customize my project in Design Space and because of the variety of materials that are able to be cut with the Cricut Maker.

Want to learn how to make these projects yourself?  Let's get started!

Halloween Gift Box Materials List

Halloween Gift Box Assembly

Project link: Halloween Gift Box

As you can see from the materials list, there is a lot going on with this box.  I have loved making gift boxes since I first became a Cricut customer back in 2014.  The new Double Scoring Wheel is my favorite Cricut Maker tool because it allows you to make a much sturdier box with thicker material than paper or cardstock.

The main part of the box is made of Kraft board.  Once you are ready to make your project, select "Kraft Board" from the drop down materials list.  Your screen will then prompt you to insert the Double Scoring Wheel into "clamp B."

After the Kraft Board is scored, you will be promoted to switch back to the fine point blade and the box will be cut out.  To assemble the base of the box, remove the Kraft Board from your mat, and fold along the double scored lines.  I prefer to use glue sticks for my projects, so I find it helpful to use paper clips to hold the pieces in place until the glue is dried.

The sleeve of the box is made up of several pieces including a "Happy Halloween" message cut out of adhesive foil.  The adhesive foil uses the fine point blade to cut out and uses the "adhesive foil" setting from the materials drop down menu.   Once the message is cut out, weed it using one of the weeding tools and the Cricut BrightPad.  After it's all weeded, use transfer tape to get the message ready to go onto the box.

The box sleeve also uses foil acetate to allow a peek of what's inside.  The foil acetate has a film on the back that needs to be removed before it is cut.  It requires a simple cut that uses the fine pint blade and the "foil acetate" setting from the materials drop down menu.  I find it helpful to attach the foil acetate to the window of the Kraft Board box, as well as adding the adhesive foil message before folding and gluing the sleeve together.

Personally, I think this box looks awesome at this point, but I'm a "more is more" person.  So, I thought it would be fun to add a Chipboard pumpkin cutout to add an extra element to the box.  Chipboard is a very think material and requires the Cricut Knife Blade, a StrongGrip Mat and masking tape.   This little cut took 34 minutes, so keep that in mind when using Chipboard.  Once the jack-in-lantern is cut out, paint it with a pretty orange paint and allow to dry.

Then attach the jack-o-lantern to the box sleeve using hot glue.

All done!

Now for a gift to inside the gift box!

Decorating Halloween Sugar Cookies

Project Files: Spider Stencil, Ghost Stencil

My favorite homemade gift are edible ones like these easy Halloween sugar cookies.   Right now, I'm just showing you how to make the stencils and decorate the cookies with the stencils.  So before you begin, you will need to bake up some sugar cookies using your favorite recipe and also frost them with a smooth layer of royal icing.  Make sure your cookies are completely dry before using your new stencils.

Halloween Sugar Cookie Stencil Materials List

It's really easy to make stencils in Cricut Design Space once you get the hang of it.  For these stencils, I used images from Cricut that I knew would create a negative space when sliced from a solid square.

I'm waiting for Cricut to come out with a plain acetate, but until they do, I use plastic report covers to make my cookie stencils.   To cut the stencils out you need the fine point blade and use the "transparency" setting from the materials drop down menu.   Once the stencil is cut out, gently wash them and pat them dry with paper towels.  You can use them with out a stencil frame, but it's WAYYYYY easier with one.  Put your stencil in place over the cookie and spread the black royal icing to cover the entire image.  Then use a flat edge to smooth the icing out and gently lift the stencil up.  Let your icing completely dry before packing up the cookies.

I made spider and ghost cookies to go into the gift box.  By the way, my cookies are three inches tall which was why a sized the gift box like I did.

Once you have your cookies in the box (or whatever you're gifting) carefully slide the sleeve over the box to have it ready for presentation.

We usually throw a big Halloween party every year, so these would make awesome party favors.  Or if you're not throwing a party and just love DIY Halloween crafts, this would be a great hostess gift, or maybe a gift for your child's teacher.

If you liked this tutorial, then you'll love seeing all of the other fun project ideas from Cricut over on their Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts too!

That's it for this Halloween post.  Until next time!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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