If you are looking for some fun summer science projects for kids you'll love this diy lava lamp!

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It's science week at our virtual summer camp series.  This diy lava lamp is an activity that my kids absolutely love.  Technically this isn't actually a lamp.  But the effect is like the bubbling "lava" inside of a lava lamp.

Last year, we started doing "science nights" where we like to make slime, look through microscopes, and play around with simple chemical reactions like the one that happens with a diy lava lamp. 

This is such an engaging science experiment for kids and you probably already have everything you need to make a diy lava lamp at home now. 

DIY Lava Lamp Supplies

  • a clear jar
  • water
  • food coloring
  • clear oil (we used baby oil)
  • Alka-seltzer 

These diy lava lamps are so easy!!!!  Add a little bit of water to your jar - about 1/4 the size on the jar.  Then add a drop or 2 of the food coloring.   Pour the oil next, making sure to leave some space at the top of your jar.   Break one of the Alka-seltzer tablets in half, and drop it into the jar to activate the lava lamp. 

My kids love watching their new lava lamp.

It's possible that the Alka-seltzer will make the water fizz over the top of your jar, so you might want to put a mat, plate, or tray under it to contain any mess.  The nice thing about this diy lava lamp is that the kids can "activate" it over and over again.  Just pop more Alka--seltzer when they want to watch the bubbles. 

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    • Week 6: Under the Sea

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a diy lava lamp science experiment for kids with blue lava

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