I love Dollar Tree.  They have hundreds of everyday basics, and almost every time I go I see something that  I can't believe I can get for just a dollar.  I go to Dollar Tree at least 3 times a week.  Lately, I have been going to Dollar Tree with the intention of finding items I can seriously makeover.  When I saw some twine in the tool section, I knew I could use it to makeover one of the storage baskets.

The supplies I used for this project were:

a Dollar Tree basket
2 boxes of Dollar Tree twine
1 Dollar Tree bath towel
a safety pin
hot glue gun

Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of the towel before I cut it, but it can be found in the bath section.  You can also find safety pins, thread, and glue sticks at Dollar Tree.  As you can see from the picture, the  twine comes with 2 straw colored spools and 1 green.  I had to buy 2 boxes because I needed a third spool of the straw colored twine.

I started off with a small bead of hot glue to anchor the twine.  Next, I added hot glue all around the base of the basket followed by the twine.  Then I wrapped the basket with the twine, randomly putting small beads of glue, until I got to the handles.

I wanted to openings of the handles to be exposed, so I glued loops of twine and continued to wrap one side of the basket at a time.  Once I had the handles done, I went back to wrapping the top of the basket with twine.  I then cut a piece of twine and glued around the edge on each handle.

To make the towel lining, I started by cutting out three pieces.  I laid the basket on it's side, like in the first picture, and cut out 1 piece by cutting around the side, then turning it upright, and to it's other side.  I then cut out 2 other pieces by cutting around the sides with the handles.  I made sure to leave enough room at the tops of each piece so there would be room for the towel to hang over the top of the basket.

I sewed the 3 pieces together, and then fitted the towel in the basket to see where I wanted the edges to hang over the basket.  Next, I sewed a hem around the top that was large enough to fit my elastic through, leaving a small opening for the elastic to go in.  I measured the length of my elastic by wrapping it around the top of the basket.  Then, I attached my safety pin to the elastic so it would be easy to thread through the hem of the towel liner.  Once I had the elastic all the way through, I sewed the ends together, and sewed the opening I had left to insert the elastic.

After the towel liner was all finished, I fitted it into the made over basket.  I like the addition of the elastic in the towel liner because it was a nice tight fit.  This whole project took a little less than an hour, even though I had to spend way too much time trying to find my sewing machine. 

I already love these Dollar Tree baskets because they are perfect toy storage for my little boy's room.  But with this makeover, I love them even more.  I'm going to makeover all of our storage baskets.  And now, I can't wait to head back to Dollar Tree to see what to makeover next.

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9 comments on “Dollar Tree Storage Basket Makeover”

  1. OMG… it never would have occurred to me to use twine that way! I love this idea… and now I will be on the hunt for similar supplies! Thank you so much for the inspiration…

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