Are you ready to make an easy diy balloon garland with flowers and butterflies? Let's get to it!

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a diy balloon garland with flowers and butterflies

Hello, and welcome to my celebrate at home series!  If you are trying to come up with ideas for mother's day or your kids' birthdays, I just know you're sitting there thinking to yourself "How do you make a homemade balloon garland?"  Right? Right?

Well maybe not. But times are weird and we're having to come up with new ways to celebrate, which is what my celebrate at home series is all about.  I have always loved to diy my parties, and like to have full decorations and treats even when it's just my family.  A homemade balloon garland is actually pretty easy and relatively inexpensive.  

I've been a little obsessed with balloon garlands this year.  In fact, balloon garland YouTube videos are something that I frequently binge watch while I'm doing laundry.  A balloon garland is a little time consuming, but the celebration factor is totally worth the effort!

Easy Balloon DIY Garland Supplies

How Do You Make A Homemade Balloon Garland?

To make your diy balloon garland, start by blowing up a ton of balloons.  This garland is just about 100 ten inch balloons.  Tie your balloons so that they are in groups of 4.  Then use the fishing line to string the balloons together.

how many balloons do you need for a homemade balloon garland

As you can see, I used a stand to attach my balloon garland.  I pushed the balloons right up against it so that the poll would go between some of the balloon clusters.  Then I used a few long balloons to tie the fishing line against the polls about every 4 feet. 

putting together a diy balloon garland

After getting the main balloon garland attached to the stand, I added clusters of 5 inch balloons.  You'll be able to see them in the video below, but I as I was blowing them up, I would tie 2 balloons together and then twist the ends with 2 more balloons tied together. Then I would take an uninflated long balloon and tie a cluster to each end.  Unfortunately, I did not get very good footage or pictures of this step, but Sharp Designs By Lakeisha has an amazing tutorial on how to do this on YouTube as well as tons of other balloon garland tips.    

To attach the paper butterflies, I used 2 to 3 glue dots on the back of the butterflies and stuck them onto the balloons.

glue dots used for adding paper butterflies to a diy balloon garland

There were a few spaces in the balloon garland that were perfect for tucking my faux flowers into.  I didn't use glue or anything besides the snug fit to attach the flowers.  Just be careful that the ends of your flowers are not sharp so that you don't poke your balloons and pop them. 

faux flowers tucked into a homemade balloon arch

See more of how to put together an easy diy balloon garland with flowers and butterflies in my latest YouTube video. 

Celebrate at Home

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That's it for this easy diy balloon garland with flowers and butterflies.  Until next time!

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an easy diy balloon garland

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