Ready for some easy Halloween car decorations for drive by Halloween parades?

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Halloween window clings used as car decorations

Welcome to the 13 days of Halloween where my friend Bri form Parties With A Cause and I are sharing fun Halloween ideas for 2020.  This year is most likely going to be very different with the way we celebrate Halloween night.  Drive by Halloween parades are probably going to be the alternative to traditional trick-or-treating, so today we're both sharing some easy ways to decorate your car.

I have a confession - I absolutely hate driving. If I ever won the lottery, the very first thing I would do would be hire a full time driver LOL. I just get so nervous.  Nervous about if I'm not going to react in time, if other drivers are paying attention, or if something I forgot about is going to fly out of the bed of our truck, if do something in the road that you had to call a car accident lawyer to defend you.  So for a drive by Halloween parade, I want to keep my decorations as simple and safe as possible to not have the extra worry.

window clings to use for car decorations for Halloween parades

Which is why I love the idea of window clings! I picked up these window clings from Dollar Tree but I've seen some really cute and scary Halloween window clings in a lot of stores like Walmart, Target, and Party City.  To use the window cling, it's just peel and stick - except they're not sticky.  Which means that you can readjust the clings, and reuse them if you'd like. 

Top reasons to use window clings to decorate your car for Halloween:

  • quick and easy to apply
  • won't damage your car
  • quick and easy to remove

As for the 'won't damage your car" reason - I'm assuming you'll remove the window clings right after the Halloween parade.  Who knows - if you leave the window clings on for weeks and live in a hot sunny area, they might cause some fading or other paint damage, so let's not test that theory.  

a black car with window cling Halloween parade decorations

You'll notice how I didn't apply window clings to the actual windows.  I figured during a Halloween parade, you would probably have your windows rolled down.  

window clings to decorate your car for a Halloween parade

See more of how I decorated our car in my latest YouTube video.

If you'd like something more elaborate for your car decorations, I absolutely LOVE what Bri did over at Parties With A Cause.  Isn't this White Tiger Car costume amazing?  I think Joe Exotic would be proud LOL.

If you're not participating in a drive by Halloween parade this year, maybe you'll do a trunk or treat.  A few years ago I put together a fun glam cemetery trunk or treat in the bed of our truck.

a glam cemetery truck trunk or treat

Well, that's it for these easy Halloween car decorations!  Until next time!

Jordan Hansen from Jordan's Easy Entertaining showing off a purple Dollar Tree diy wreath

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