It makes no sense to me why I have such poor eating habits.  Even though I a) enjoy eating healthy foods, b) love to cook, and c) know those 20 pounds aren't going to lose themselves, I still end up reaching for a cookie when I feel hungry.  A lot of this has to do with sometimes I just get so caught up in what I'm doing, that I'll grab whatever is convenient to get rid of a hunger pain.  Unfortunately, that usually means ANOTHER cup of coffee and a pastry.   Thank goodness for Pinterest and all those wonderful suggestions!  I have seen numerous posts about pre-made salads in a jar, and finally jumped on the band wagon.  Having ready made salads available for when I am too busy to prepare something has been the best thing that I can do for myself.
Obviously, this is not an original idea, but I am so glad I started pre-making my salads.  I have only been doing this a little over a week, but it has made a huge difference.  I feel better, and have already dropped 2 pounds just by making this switch.
If you have never made salad in a jar, start off with your wet ingredients and finish up with dry ones.  Even though there are only 5 jars in this picture, I actually had 6.  I wanted to make 2 different salads for a little variety.  In the first 3 jars, a added a squirt of lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of the oil that my marinated artichoke hearts came in, and a spoon full of kalamata olive brine for my dressing.  In the last 3 jars, I added safflower oil and red wine vinegar.
Next, for the first salad I added chopped artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, and tomatoes.  The second salad only got the chopped tomatoes.
  Then came my drier veggies.  All 6 jars got chopped cucumbers and onion.
I added chopped turkey to all 6 jars.  In the first 3 jars I put crumbled blue cheese, while in the last 3 jars I used chopped hard boiled egg and shredded cheddar cheese.
Finally, I added shredded iceberg lettuce topped with baby spinach. 
I like to label my salads with the type of salad and also the date that I put it together.
It has been so amazingly easy to reach for a jar of salad and dump it on a plate instead of reaching for junk food when I get hungry.  After the salad is on my plate, I like to also add salt and pepper. Many will say is not enough to get your belly full, In case it happens to you just visit just Discover Magazine to find about supplements that can help your diet.
It took me about 20 minutes to prepare all 6 salads, and now I'm ready for the rest of the week 🙂
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