For real... your mouth is going to start watering over these 9 amazing fresh corn recipes.

I love shopping for and preparing seasonal produce, especially when I'm hosting a party.  Not only do I end up with some delicious dishes, but buying seasonal produce is very cost effective.   Fresh corn is one of my favorite ingredients to purchase over the summer and going into the fall season, plus it's one of the only veggies my little guys will voluntarily eat.   Normally I'll just use a generous amount of butter and a pinch of salt on a ear of roasted corn.  But these 9 mouth-watering fresh corn recipes have me wanting to mix up my routine!  Fresh corn in salads, casseroles, and even on pizza? Sign my up!  Check these awesome recipes out below.

1.Grilled Corn and Shrimp Salad from Thrifty Jinxy

2. Roasted Corn Orzo Salad from To simply Inspire

3. Baked Cream Corn Casserole from Call Me PMC

4. Mexican Street Corn Pasta Salad from Lemon Blossoms

5. Fresh Black Bean and Corn Salad from Small Town Woman

6. Easy Zucchini and Corn Grilled Naan Pizza from The Organic Kitchen

7. Mexican Street Corn Salad from Pinch and Swirl

8. Corn Salsa from Fun Food and Frolic

9. Mexican Street Corn from Baking Beauty

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Am I right? Is your mouth watering?  Some of these fresh corn recipes I'm already familiar with and others I can't wait to try! I'll definitely be using some of them for upcoming dinner parties.

Well, I'm going to head out to buy some more fresh corn!  See ya next time!

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