I have been waiting to go all out for Halloween for years!  It always has worked out that I was visiting with my mom for some reason or another around Halloween time.  She hates Halloween.  It turns out my husband isn't too fond of one of my favorite holidays either.  But, being the wonderful hubby that he is, he has given me the go ahead to have my way in terms of Halloween décor.  Hooray!!!  I'm starting off with these Halloween candle holders 🙂
   It looks like my little guy is going to follow in my Halloween spirit footsteps.  He is so excited for all of the decorating and crafts we're planning , not to mention costumes and trick or treating.  He's also pretty sneaky for a 3 year old, so I'm not sure how long the candy corn will actually last in my candle holders!
Most of the items I used for my candle holder decoration came from Dollar Tree.  In fact, the candle sticks are the only things that I didn't get from there.  I picked them up last year on clearance some where.  The candle sticks were pretty banged up, but a little gold spray paint had them looking like new.
I started off by tying a bow on each candle stick.  I probably could have gotten all 3 bows out of 1 spool of ribbon, but I cut the tails a little long.
Next, I attached the glass candle holder to the candle stick with a dab of hot glue.  I wanted just enough hold  so the candle holder would stay in place, but not enough to damage the candle stick if I want to remove it later.
Then I added my candle to the candle holder.  I made sure to use a candle that was already in a glass jar so that when I light it, the wax doesn't melt all over the candy corn.
Finally, I added the candy corn around the candle.  I used a whole bag of Dollar Tree candy corn for each candle.
I'm pretty pleased with how the candle holders turned out.  They are going to be on display in my kitchen.  Once Halloween is over, I'm going to switch out the bows and candy corn for something more appropriate for Thanksgiving. First Halloween décor taken care of and on to a wreath for my front door.  Happy Halloween, muah ha ha ha!!

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  1. These are so cute and I'm loving the gold – apparently, I'm crushing on gold for the holiday season this year. These would go perfectly on the entry table. Great job, Jordan!

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