I love to share my best Halloween party ideas with you and these Halloween hand soaps make a cute party favor or small gift!

black and white Halloween hand soaps in the shapes of spiders and spider webs

 How about some nice clean Halloween fun (see what I did there, LOL)?  These Halloween hand soaps are perfect if you are anything like me about Halloween.  I love Halloween but I hate all of the really scary, evil, and gory stuff.  Hocus Pocus is as scary I want to get.  But I love the cute and only slightly creepy Halloweeniness there is.

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As you may have noticed, there is a ton of Halloween items available right now.   I wanted to offer you guys something a little different for a Halloween craft, and thought that Halloween soap would be a fun twist.

These Halloween hand soaps were super easy to make.  I started off by cutting off a few squares of goat's milk soap base.

I placed those squares in a microwave safe measuring cup.

My soap only took 30 seconds to melt.  Since I wanted a few soaps that were white, I poured the melted soap directly into the ice cube tray that I picked up from Dollar Tree.

I also wanted a few of the soaps to be grey.  To make this happen, I broke open 2 capsules of activated charcoal into the melted soap.

I stirred the soap and the activated charcoal until they were well incorporated.

The activated charcoal seemed to want to make the soap start to set, so I had to pour the soap quickly.

Once my soap was poured I only needed to wait 45 minutes for it to be firm enough to remove from the mold.  I ended up waiting overnight though.  Since this mold is made out of silicon, it was really easy to pop each soap out of the mold.
Didn't they turn out adorable?
I'll be using these in my own bathroom, but I thought they would make cute little gifts as well.  I packaged a few of them up in these Halloween treat boxes I made using my Cricut Explore One™
I'll have a tutorial up on how to make the boxes later this weekend.
If you are going to be gifting these, make sure to let your friends and family know that they are soap.  My dad asked me at least 5 different times if they were chocolate and if he could eat them.  
"No, these are soap." - Me.
"But they look so yummy." - Dad.
"I promise, they WILL NOT taste like chocolate." - Me.
"Are you sure?  They look like chocolate." - Dad.
Seriously, 5 times at least.  I guess they do look like they could be candy..... but they're not.  So please don't eat them, and tell anyone one else who might think that they are candy not to eat them either.  
And, make sure to check out my latest YouTube video to see this craft in action.
Let me know how your's turn out! Until next time!

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  1. These look amazing! And so simple too, I'd have never thought of making soap, but these actually look quite easy. I'm with you on the 'cute and only slightly creepy' Halloween – I love the dressing up, the pumpkins and the whole occasion, but can't stand the scary stuff! We usually watch 'Bewitched' for our Halloween movie! Ha ha! xx Found you on #twinklytuesday

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