Halloween marshmallow pops!!!!!

My little boy was sooooooo excited when he saw me making these.

I'm really surprised that he actually let me take some pictures before he wanted to dig in.

These were so easy to make though, that I was almost done before he even noticed them..... and he was watching T.V. in the same room.  To make all 6 of these pops took about 10 minutes.

To make these Halloween marshmallow pops you need jumbo marshmallows, Halloween paper straws, candy melts, and Halloween themed sprinkles.

I started off by pushing a straw into each of my jumbo marshmallows.  Then I melted my candy wafers.

Although I chose green, I think that white, black, orange, or purple candy melts would look festive as well.  Melt the candy wafers according to the directions in the microwave.

For some reason, my wafers didn't melt to a dipping consistency, so I used the back of a spoon to smooth the melted candy wafers unto the marshmallows.

After spreading the melted candy wafers onto the marshmallow, I immediately covered the pop with the sprinkles.

After each pop was finished, I placed them upright to harden.  Once all 6 of them were done I placed the whole mug into my refrigerator for a few minutes.  By the way, I made these mugs last year with plain mugs from Dollar Tree and my Cricut Explore.

Wouldn't these make amazing party favors?

Christian thinks so. But he also thinks these would make a good breakfast.

Don't worry.  I did not let him eat these for breakfast.  He ate all of his dinner and I only let him have one.  Fair warning:  these are sugar on sugar sugar.  Your teeth might feel like they are going to rot out afterwards.  I could only make it through about half of one.

Let me know how your's turn out 🙂

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