Did you know I had a baby?  Well, I did. And he is beyond wonderful.  It was an incredibly fast 9 months.  And even these first 4 weeks of him being here have been so fast, I haven't had a real chance to write about him.  So, I'd like to introduce you to my little guy no. 2, Dylan.

My whole pregnancy was pretty easy.  I stayed healthy and little guy no. 1 was surprisingly helpful. He was so excited to find out he was going to have a little brother or sister.   Of course we would have been happy either way, but it seemed like my hubby could float away with happiness after finding out the baby was a boy.  Here's how I announced we were having a boy on Facebook:

If you look at my Pinterest account, you might be able to tell that I was planning on cloth diapering. That plan has gone out the window (at least for now) thanks to my awesome mother-in-law.  She planned a baby shower and a separate diaper shower for us.  We got so many nice things, and I think I probably won't have to worry about buying wipes for the whole year.

Thank goodness for those showers!  Like I said, this pregnancy went by super fast.  I was induced with my first little boy on his actual due date.  I was expecting  roughly the same time frame, and thought there was plenty of time to prepare for the baby.   I was totally wrong, because he came 3 weeks early!  So, pretty much all the baby stuff we had was either from gifts or left over from my first baby.

I had been having random contractions for about the last 5 or 6 weeks of my pregnancy, and had started to get used to them.  So, when my dad and I went grocery shopping, even though the contractions seemed a little more intense than usual,  I didn't pay much attention.  It was only after I was having one of those contractions, and a man shopping along side me asked if I was okay with a very concerned look on his face, that I realized I might be in labor.

My Dad and I finished shopping and headed over to my Mom's house.  I started to keep track of the contractions which were 7 minutes apart.  I called my hubby, who was on the other side of town, and told him I thought it was time.  The drive that should have took him at least 20 minutes, only took 10!

We left my little 4 year old with my parents and headed to our apartment to quickly pack a hospital bag.  Its fortunate that we love so close to the hospital, because we forgot all kinds of things.  My husband was able to run back home several times if I needed something.

We got to the hospital and sure enough, I was in labor.  I went 14 hours without an epidural and finally couldn't take the pain any more.  But after getting the epidural it only took a little over an hour for the baby to be ready to make his appearance.  In fact, he was so ready to be born, that I had to try to hold him in while the doctor was being paged.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to not push when your baby is ready to be born?

Anyway, he was born within 30 seconds of the doctor entering the room.  And I got to experience another one of those wonderful life changing moments with my husband.  I had been so nervous that I wouldn't feel the same way that I had when my first baby was born, but it turns out you really can love 2 people the same amount.

After bringing Dylan home, I realized what an amazing big brother Christian is going to be.  There has not been even an ounce of jealously. Christian is just as much in love with Dylan as the rest of us are.

He's such an easy baby.   He hardly cries and he makes the cutest little baby noises.  We're so happy to have him.  Make sure to check out my other blog, Beauty and Babies, for updates in the future.

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  1. Dear Jordan, Congratulations!! What a beautiful way to start the New Year! He is beautiful.
    Wishing you and your family a peaceful, blessed and joyous 2015. xo, Catherine

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