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I discovered how much I love gnocchi only a few years ago.  They are like little heavenly pillows of potato-y goodness.  I could probably eat gnocchi everyday with out getting bored.  Even my baby likes gnocchi.

One of the first Craftsy classes I ever purchased was How to Make Gnocchi Like a Pro with Gerri Sarnataro.  I've been making homemade pasta for about 8 years, so I was excited to try making homemade gnocchi.

Making gnocchi can be a little intimidating, but is pretty simple.  You only need a few ingredients and kitchen tools.  It's amazing that you can get something so delicious just by combining baked potato, flour and egg.

Probably the hardest part of this recipe is waiting for your potato to bake and cool.

I do not have a potato ricer, but I do have a cheese grater.  So after my peeled baked potato was nice and cool, I grated it with my cheese grater.

I spread out the grated potato and added the flour.  I created a small well in my potato flour mixture to crack a raw egg into.

I then used a fork to initially mix in the egg.  Then I used my hands to gently knead the gnocchi dough together.

Once it was formed, I took a small section of the dough and rolled it into a thin log.

I used my knife to cut about 1 inch pieces of gnocchi.

Finally, I used the back of my fork and my thumb to form the gnocchi.  The first time I made gnocchi, it took about 6 pieces before they started to look right.

And that's how you make homemade gnocchi.  Once you have your wonderful little dumplings made, you can use them just like you would any store bought gnocchi.  I boiled my gnocchi and then added them to a saute pan along with a yummy sauce.

For this recipe, I really wanted to use some fresh herbs from my little herb garden.  Sage is one of the herbs I've actually managed to keep alive, and I love it's flavor.

Gnocchi is one of those dishes that seems fancy but is really affordable.  You only need one potato, 1 cup of flour and an egg to make enough gnocchi to feed 2 people.

It's much easier to see how to make gnocchi with a demonstration than with someone just explaining it.  So, if you're a little fuzzy on the details on how to get your gnocchi just right, make sure to check out How to Make Gnocchi Like a Pro with Gerri Sarnataro from Craftsy.

Homemade Gnocchi with Brown Butter Lemon Sage Sauce (serves 2)

For the Gnocchi: 1 large potato 1 cup flour 1 egg (at room temperature)

1.  Bake the potato at 350 degrees for about an hour or until done. 2.  Allow the potato to cool and then peel off the skin. 3.  Process the potato with a potato ricer or use a grater. 4.  Combine the flour and potato and form a small well for the egg. 5.  Stir the egg into the potato flour mixture until incorporated. 6.  Gently knead the gnocchi mixture until a soft dough forms. 7.  Working in small pieces, roll a strip of dough to make a log. 8.  Cut the log into about 1 inch pieces. 9.  Form the gnocchi by pressing your thumb into the dough on the back of a fork. 10. Bring a pot of water to a boil. 11.  Add gnocchi to the boiling water and allow to cook until the gnocchi begins to float. 12.  Remove the gnocchi from the pot and add to the sauce.

For the sauce: 4 Tablespoons butter Juice from 1/2 lemon 1/2 teaspoon sage salt to taste

1.  Add 4 Tablespoons of butter to a pan over medium heat. 2.  Allow the butter to melt and start to brown. 3.  Add the juice from 1/2 of a lemon. 4.  Add in 1/2 teaspoon of sage or a few pieces of fresh sage to the sauce. 5.  Add gnocchi to the pan and saute until brown 6.  Add salt to taste

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  1. Yum! I haven't tried my hand at homemade gnocchi yet, but this certainly makes it look tempting. I hate the remade gnocchi at the store, so homemade would be the only way to go of me! I might have to try making my own this week 🙂

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