Last night I was super excited to try to make banana "ice cream."  I had seen several pins on pinterest on how to freeze bananas and prepare them so that the texture and consistency is very similar to ice cream.  I had my bananas all cut up and in the freezer, but they were not ready to be transformed into "ice cream" by dessert.  So, I had to come up with something else delicious for dessert, but I still wanted to use my extra bananas.

I cut up my bananas, whipped out a pan, honey, and cinnamon and got to work on dessert.

honey heated in the frying pan

I put my frying pan on over high heat and added enough honey to cover most of the pan once it was spread.  The honey started to bubble a little bit, and just that by itself had the kitchen smelling wonderful.  Then, I added my sliced bananas.
sliced bananas with a little cinnamon
As soon as I had all of my bananas in the pan, I sprinkled them with a little cinnamon.  I waited until the bananas looked translucent (like when a banana is over ripe) half way up each slice, then I turned them over with a wooden spoon.
right after I flipped all of the banana slices
I gave the other side of the banana slices the same sprinkle of cinnamon and continued to cook them.  It took all of three minutes to cook these bananas and then they were ready. 
bananas over vanilla ice cream
These bananas seemed like they would make the perfect topping for some ice cream.  I spooned out some ice cream and divided the bananas into the bowls straight from the pan.  The contrast of cold ice cream and warm bananas was really nice and the taste was amazing! My family liked it so much I had to get up and make a second batch.

I think I'll make these when I get around to making my banana "ice cream."

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