Many people do not know mystery shopping exists.  Some people think mystery shopping is a scam. But it is a real thing and is really important for businesses to see what they are doing right and wrong.  Mystery shopping is a great way to earn extra cash, get free stuff, and to make a difference in how businesses function.
Although mystery shopping can be really fun, it is an actual job.  To be a mystery shopper, you need to be organized, detail oriented, reliable, and have decent writing skills.  It also helps to be a pretty good actor and be able to take notes discretely. The first step in becoming a mystery shopper is to get certified. You can do this by visiting the Mystery Shopping Providers Association.   I suggest starting with a silver certification, which is about $20, to start off with.  Once you are certified, you will get a certification number which will be used to sign up with all of the mystery shopping companies you chose.  Make sure to keep this number in a safe place.  The next step is to sign up with mystery shopping companies.  You can find many of the companies listed on the Mystery Shopping Providers Association website, but I like to use Job Slinger.  At the job slinger website, you can sign up with multiple mystery shopping companies relatively quickly, and then all of the assignments available in your area are organized in one place. For many of the mystery shopping applications, you will need to provide your personal information, certification number, and frequently a writing sample.  Once excepted, you will then be an                  independent contractor.  You can begin accepting assignments right away.  I suggest starting with just one or two to get the hang of it before accepting a lot assignments all at once. Some tips: -Most mystery shopping assignments require exact timing.  Always have a stop watch with you.  Since most people are constantly playing with their smart phones, using the timer, and even taking notes this way is very helpful. -Most mystery shops require proof of the shop.  This means always make sure to keep your receipts and business cards in a safe place. -Reports for mystery shops need to be completed 12- 24 hours after the shop.  It's easiest to file reports right away, so details are fresh in your mind. One of the great things about mystery shopping is you really do get to be your own boss.  You can pick and chose assignments as you want.  Depending on where you live, it could even be a full time job.  And because of the diversity, it rarely gets boring.  Assignments include gas stations,  clothing stores, cell phone shops, movies, hotel stays, car dealerships,  fast food and casual dining restaurants, shoe stores which might have the puma new releases.... the list goes on, and that's just for the silver certifications.  Give it a try, you might be pleasantly surprised. Linking to: Chic and Crafty

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