2020 Update:  This post was originally from 2016 and recently I have become aware of a lot of comments on Pinterest and YouTube about cleaning between the oven door going terribly wrong for people.  I hope that you know that this blog's purpose is to make life easier for you and never to cause you and problems.  That being said, I'd like to make it very clear that by opening up your oven door glass panels, you MAY have issues with putting it back together, and it might void your warranty.  It's possible that your oven will not work, so please consider the risk and if cleaning those drips between the glass on your oven door is worth it.  And now back to the original post: This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #ScotchBriteSponges #CollectiveBias I know you hate looking at those drips trapped between the glass in your oven door.  Don't worry though, I'm here to help!
My blog is about to turn 3.  One of the first posts that I ever wrote was on how to clean your entire oven.  It has been my second most viewed post ever.  So, this is a little bit of a refresh of that post with a few minor changes.   To clean your oven door, you'll need a couple of things:  a screwdriver and some sponges along with some vinegar, baking soda, and homemade cleaning solution.
I already had everything I needed at home but I had just run out of clean sponges.  I like to replace my kitchen sponges once a week.  As you might imagine, I like to cook a lot, so I always have dishes that need to be washed.  I knew that I wanted to pick up some Scotch-Brite® Heavy Duty Scrub Sponges. Since I was cleaning the inside of the oven door as well as between the glass, I needed a sponge that could handle baked on grease.  I also wanted  the Scotch-Brite® Non-Scratch Scrub Sponge for cleaning between the glass panels to make sure my glass did not get any scratch marks.  Off to Target for my sponges!
Are you one of those parents that considers going to Target without your children one of life's treats?  I definitely am!  Target was one of the main stores I shopped at back in my extreme couponing days.  You can find great deals there.  Even though there are no coupons at the moment, the Scotch-Brite™ Brand frequently has coupons, so check your Cartwheel app often for the latest deals.
Let's get to cleaning that oven!  This time, I decided to skip the ammonia step from my original post.  It takes FOR-EVAH, it's smelly, and I have a really nosy toddler who tries to get into everything.  So, to start things off, I microwaved a bowl of white vinegar to go into the oven.  Vinegar is great for loosening up grease and grime.  Plus, microwaving the vinegar means I can kill 2 birds with one stone, meaning I can clean my microwave while I'm at it.  Once my vinegar was done heating up, I placed it into my oven on the top rack and placed a bowl of boiling water directly underneath it on the bottom rack.  I left that alone for 20 minutes, and cleaned out the microwave while I waited.
I like to use the blue Scotch-Brite non-scratch sponge to clean out the microwave.  The vinegar is so effective in loosening up the mess, that I only need to get the sponge wet to have a squeaky clean microwave.
I also removed the microwave plate and washed that directly in the sink with a Scotch-Brite® Heavy Duty Soap Dispensing Dishwand.
Well, cleaning the microwave took less than 5 minutes, so while I was still waiting for 20 minutes of vinegar time, I cleaned the outside of oven using the same non-scratch sponge and my homemade multi-purpose cleaning solution. 
How to clean between the glass in your oven door without using any harsh chemicals. It's surprisingly easy, and doesn't take that much time. #ScotchBriteSponges #ad
Once the 20 minutes were finally up, I sprinkled baking soda all over the oven door and sprayed that with more cleaning solution to form a paste. Then it was time to bust out the Scotch-Brite heavy duty scrub sponge and put in a little elbow grease to get rid of all of that tough baked on mess.  I used the green side of the sponge to scrub away all of the grime.
A few quick rinses of the sponge and then I flipped it over to the yellow side to wipe up all of the left over baking soda.  Ahhh.... a nice clean surface at last!
Now, on to the main reason you're reading this post: how to clean between the glass panels.  This is the third oven that I have cleaned like this.  Fortunately for me, they all had screws that required a phillips head screwdriver.  Open your oven door and look at the screws that are on the top corners.  You might possibly need an allen wrench, but you can pick one of those up on your Target trip too. (2020 update:  Keep in mind, that this may void your warranty and you might have issues getting your door put back together.  Do this at your own risk)
 So, unscrew those 2 screws making sure that you are holding onto the oven door handle.  Once you have that second screw undone, the handle will come off (just set it aside) and the front of the door will flop open.  
How to clean between the glass in your oven door without using any harsh chemicals. It's surprisingly easy, and doesn't take that much time. #ScotchBriteSponges #ad
Once the door is separated you can use your favorite glass cleaner to get rid of those drips!  Again, I used my homemade multi-purpose spray.
How to clean between the glass in your oven door without using any harsh chemicals. It's surprisingly easy, and doesn't take that much time. #ScotchBriteSponges #ad
Then I used the non-scratch sponge to wipe everything up.  To close your oven door back up, just reverse the steps.  Close the door back together, put the handle back on, and replace the screws.  You might need a second pair of hands to hold everything in place because the front of the door is going to want to spring back open.  
How to clean between the glass in your oven door without using any harsh chemicals. It's surprisingly easy, and doesn't take that much time. #ScotchBriteSponges #ad
If you'd like to see more of me cleaning my oven, check out my latest YouTube video:
Pretty easy, right?  You got your oven nice and clean without using any harsh chemicals and it didn't take all that long.  
I hope this post was helpful.  If you'd like to see more ideas on how to clean your tough messes, click here. 

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