Do you want to know how to etch glass using stencils made with Cricut?

a beer stein etched with a Texas logo

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Welcome to day two of my Homemade with Love blog and video series!  Today I'm sharing with you an awesome way to make a personalized gift: etching glass using stencils made with Cricut.  In the video below, you can see exactly how from creating the stencil in Cricut Design Space, to cutting out the stencil, and finally using the stencil along with glass etching cream to apply your design to glass. 

How to Etch Glass Using Stencils Made with Cricut Materials:

Create Your Stencil

First of all you need a stencil.  Of course you could use a ready made stencil, but to really personalize your gift, it's fun to create your own.   To do this in Cricut Design Space is pretty easy.   I like to use images that will be easy to weed and have simple negative space.  After the image is loaded into your project, make sure to size it correctly for your glass surface.  Next, add a square shape that is larger than your image and arrange the square so that it is behind your image.  Select both your image and the square, then hit "slice."  Delete your original image and the leftover sliced image and your stencil is ready to cut!  You will be able to see much more detailed instructions on making your stencil in the video. 

It's easy to create your own stencils in Cricut Design Space #Homemadewithlove

Etch Your Glass

For etching the glass, you'll want to use vinyl to cut out your stencil.  Smooth out a piece of vinyl big enough for your stencil onto a StandardGrip mat.  Load your mat into your Cricut machine and cut out the design.  Use a weeding tool to remove the negative space (the part you want etched) from your stencil.

Create a vinyl stencil with your Cricut machine to use to etch glass for a personalized gift #Homemadewithlove

Now you're ready to start etching!  Make sure to wash and thoroughly dry your glass surface.  Prepare your work surface with some kind of protective layer (I used a plastic trash bag.)  You'll also want to make sure that you have vinyl gloves, and probably a face mask.  The glass etching cream is a very strong chemical, so I also recommend opening your window.  Remember, the etching cream can cause permanent damage to your skin, so be super careful and definitely keep it away from your kids and pets. 

Apply your vinyl stencil to your glass surface, making sure there are no bubbles in the vinyl and then put on your gloves and face mask.   Using your foam brush, apply a layer of the glass etching cream to the glass.  Wait about two minutes and then apply a second thicker layer.  Leave the etching cream on for about five minutes.  Next, while still wearing your gloves, rinse the etching cream off in your sink, making sure not to splash.  You can use your foam brush to help remove the etching cream under the running water.  Once all of the etching cream is gone, try to remove the vinyl while the glass is still wet.  I found it helpful to use my tweezers to initially peel off the vinyl.

Create a personalized gift by creating your own stencils and using it to etch a glass mug.  #Homemadewithlove

That's it!  It may seem like a lot of steps, but this is a fairly quick project.  I was able to create my stencil in Cricut Design Space, cut it out, and etch my project all within 15 minutes.  Not too bad!

By the way, I know it's a little difficult to see the details of the glass etching in these photos, but you've probably seen etched glass in person before.  If you know you like the way etched glass looks, you'll love creating your own designs to gift to your loved ones.  This particular glass mug, which I picked up at Dollar Tree (score!) would make a great gift for your sweetie or as groomsmen gifts. 

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That's it for this project!  If you're thinking about getting your own vinyl cutter, you can visit Vinylcuttingmachineguide for a review of the best ones available on the market. If you use this tutorial to etch glass, create a stencil, or make any of the other projects from the Homemade with Love series, I'd love to see it!  Post a picture in my Facebook group for people who love to DIY their parties.  Don't forget to come back tomorrow for another fun project.  Until next time!

*For realsies!  Glass etching cream may cause burns that will permanently damage your skin.  Use with caution and keep away from children and pets. 

Make a personalized mug for your sweetie this Valentine's day by etching a glass mug using a stencil made with Cricut #Homemadewithlove

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