I usually clean my bathrooms on Mondays.  Thanks to some cleaning tips I have found on pinterest, I am really happy with how my showers, bath tubs, and mirrors are squeaky clean and even shiny.  I have no problem getting my tile floors clean.  Even my toilets are pretty clean except for one thing- that ring in the toilet just won't go away.  It drives me nuts!  But I have finally found a way.

Every time I clean the toilets, I scrub in vain trying to make the ring in the toilet disappear.  I have tried so many different cleaners and nothing works.  This is what my ring in the toilet looks like:

My mom is the one who told me how to get rid of the ring in the toilet problem.  She kept telling me about this Pumie Heavy- Duty Scouring Stick and how well it works.

I was a little skeptical, but decided to give it a try.  The scouring stick worked wonders.  It took me all of 45 seconds to get the ring in the toilet to disappear.  All I had to do was rub the scouring stick on the ring and it was like using a pencil eraser.

This scouring stick is going in my cleaning arsenal for sure. Go get it at Lowe's or Home Depot and for less than $3 you will get rid of the ring in your toilet and never have to worry about it again.

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  1. Found this a few years ago. I work on the side as a cleaner for a few homes and NO kidding you when I read about this I was a little like REALLY? Ok so I thought here we go again lets try another one of many things that I have tried out. Well it WORKED! No more ring. This really does work and the families I clean for think I'm some creative cleaning lady because I use all natural/organic products on there homes. I have to say I love it when I can feel good about getting the grim off and making them happy.

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