Have you ever wondered how to make a bow using a bow maker?  It's incredibly easy and you end up with some beautiful decorations.

It's so easy to make your own beautiful ribbon bows with the use of a bow maker. See how! #homemadewithlove

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Today kicks off my brand new 14 day blog and video series titled "Homemade with Love" - just in time for Valentine's Day or any time you want to celebrate your loved ones.  During the series, I'll be sharing with you recipes, crafts, and other fun projects starting with these satin ribbon bows.

I get drawn in by those beautifully made bows available at crafts stores and then have to remind myself that I can easily make the same thing at home.   Then I can use those bows to decorate wreaths, light pendants, my front door, and even use them on gifts to make the packaging extra special.

How to Make a Bow Using a Bow Maker Materials:

I find it easiest to make these types of bows using a bow maker. Start by placing a pipe cleaner between the two large dowels on the bow maker.  Then, decide how long you want to tail of your bow to be.  Next, pull a loop of ribbon threw the dowels.  Twist the ribbon as you make the next loop.  I like to make three loops on each side of my bows, so just keep repeating those steps until you have all of your loops.  Create one more small loop to act as the knot of your bow.  Finally cut of the other tail of your bow and tie your pipe cleaner in a know to secure your bow.

It's so easy to make your own beautiful ribbon bows with the use of a bow maker. See how! #homemadewithlove

Pull your bow off of the bow maker and then fold the ends of each tail in half and use scissors to create an angled notch.

This bow took me about three minutes to put together.  It's really easy to make these bows using a bow maker.  Here is my video to see more detailed step-by-step instructions.

So easy! I'll be using these bows for a few of the other projects included in the Homemade With Love series.

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That's it for this post!  If you make these bows or any of the projects and recipes during the Homemade With Love series, I'd love to see them!  Post a picture in my Facebook group for people who love to DIY their parties.  Don't forget to come back tomorrow for another fun project.  Until next time!

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