Today I'm showing you how to make a Halloween charcuterie board.

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A Halloween meat and cheese platter with a toy spider

Welcome to the 13 days of Halloween 2020!  This year has been so crazy, so I want to make sure that we wrap it up with tons of home celebrations.  Bri from Parties With A Cause and I are once again sharing 13 straight days of Halloween ideas to get into the spooky spirit!

Today we're both sharing yummy Halloween snack ideas.  We're going to be doing tons of Halloween family movie nights and game nights at my house.  The other night we all played the game Clue.  My little boys had so much fun with this murder mystery game.  My little 5 year old is just learning how to read, so he was on a team with me.  During the game, the whole family enjoyed this particular Halloween charcuterie board and I'm sure it will become a new tradition for game night.  

a Halloween charcuterie board with crackers, grapes, pumpkin seeds and a printable cheese label that says French roqueford

How to put together a Halloween Cheese Tray

In my latest Youtube video, you can see exactly how I put together this yummy Halloween charcuterie board with scrumptious cheeses, meats, fruit, crackers, pumpkin seeds, and black olives.

As I mentioned in the video, my newsletter subscribers can download and print out these Halloween cheese labels.

a wedge of Brie cheese with a free printable Halloween cheese label

I made these Halloween cheese labels as a black and white design, but I used marbled orange paper to print them.  Each label is double sided.  I folded the labels in half and glued the open end together so that I could slip my spider topped toothpick into the label.  You can sign up to for newsletter and get these Halloween cheese labels delivered straight to your inbox below.  

a Halloween meat and cheese tray styled with toy spiders and a glass pumpkin

The thing that I really love about charcuterie boards are that they are so easy to put together!  I like to start by placing my cheeses and then working my way around the board.  For this Halloween charcuterie board I picked up Brie with Wild Mushrooms and French Roquefort from Trader Joe's.  

a Halloween charcuterie board with a wedge of wild mushroom brie with a butcher knife cheese knife, crackers, blackberries, grapes and styled with a toy spider

Other Ideas for your Halloween Charcuterie Board

The best part about making a Halloween meat and cheese tray is that you have so many options to add and it will still feel spooky with the right colors, shapes, and how you style it.  Here are some more ideas to go onto your Halloween charcuterie board:

  • Bugles - they look like claws or witches hats
  • mandarin orange slices
  • pickles
  • cheddar cheese
  • dried apricots
  • dates

a Halloween grazing board filled with cheese, meat, fruit, crackers and styled with a spider

So fun, right? 

Over on Parties with a Cause, Bri also made a fun Halloween snack -"Fish Eye" pudding cups made with chia and coconut! 

pudding cups with the text healthy Halloween treat fish eye pudding chia and coconut

More Halloween Snack Ideas

Check out some of Bri and my Halloween snack ideas from last year.


You can see even more of my best Halloween party ideas here.  There are tons of recipes, crafts, diy decorations, party games and more!

That's it for this Halloween charcuterie board.  Until next time!

Jordan from Jordan's Easy Enteraining holding a Halloween charcuterie board

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a Halloween charcuterie board with cheese, meat, crackers, fruit, and olives and styled with a spooky spider

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