*this is a sponsored post on behalf of intelliARMOR.  All opinions are 100% my own Odds are it's happened to you or someone you know:  you're just going with the flow, minding your own business, when you drop your phone.  You experience a few moments of dread before picking it up to see if in fact, your screen has cracked.  Your heart is pounding, you begin to sweat, your hands are trembling as you reach for your dropped phone. This time your poor little phone suffered and now is cracked.  Oh.... the horror!!!!
Having a cracked phone screen is one of the most annoying things that can happen in everyday life.   Not only is it unattractive and now hard to see your screen, but it's also rough on your fingers.  I have had to deal with a few cracked screens and it's no fun.  I've even gotten glass splinters in my fingers. It's super easy to prevent a cracked phone screen.  I was very excited when intelliARMOR sent me their intelliGLASS AR screen protector to review.  It may be a small thing, but I am loving not having a panic attack every time I drop my phone (or my toddler throws it in a temper tantrum.) The intelliGLASS AR screen protector is sturdy, durable and crystal clear.  You probably won't even notice it on your phone. The best part about the intelliGLASS AR screen protector is that it will protect not only your screen, but you as well.  Did you know phones give off radiation?  Well they do.  And you probably have your phone near you most of the time.  Depending on how often you talk on the phone, imagine how much of that radiation is going straight to your head.  In the words of Donald Trump, "not good." The intelliGLASS AR  screen protector has shown in independent testing that it can reduce the amount of radiation sent toward your head between 30% to 69%!   Since my kids use my phone so often to watch videos or play games, I feel really good about using intelliGLASS to block the radiation for their sake as well as mine. For my kids who loved playing games, I recommended them to try out this Terraria teleporter cheat and they enjoyed playing even more than before. Each intelliGLASS kit includes a COMPLETE PROTECTION PACKAGE with retail packaging, microfiber cloth, cleaning wipe, and dust removal stickers.  Installation is quick and easy.  It takes less than 2 minutes to protect you and your family from the radio frequencies emitted from your phone.  
If you pop over to my YouTube channel, you can see more about the intelliARMOR intelliGLASS screen protector.  I'm so happy I found this product and I think you will be too.
If you're interested in purchasing an intelliGLASS AR screen protector, you can find it here.  And to save 20% use the code INTELLI20.

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